Innocent – Our Lady Peace

Spends his time alone in the basement With Lennon and Cobain and A guitar and a stereo And while he wishes he could escape this But it all seems

All My Friends – Our Lady Peace

Alone on a hill They’re just looking down With violent minds out on loan They’re just not equipped Insistence We hope for the best Were not making sense in

Everyone’s A Junkie – Our Lady Peace

On a Sunday afternoon I’m just too drunk to remember Why I always slip through The drugs and fake ambition Have been helping me to hide But it’s the

Life – Our Lady Peace

Was anybody there? Does anybody care? How many time have your friends let you down? Was anybody there? Did anybody stare? How many time have your friends let you

Blister – Our Lady Peace

Lately I can’t breathe Waiting they’re chasing me No one listens but I’m OK with it Only I wonder why If only my hands weren’t tied The world’s a

Sell My Soul – Our Lady Peace

How do you hate How do you wake up with the smile that’s on your face Out on the moon If I was an astronaut could I get back

Do You Like It – Our Lady Peace

I crawled to you and I said all the things that you said to say Have I said enough Do you like it yeah e yeah Do you like

In Repair – Our Lady Peace

I’ve been waiting for this And i’ll be there to sit while you pray No one’s blaming me I’m not supposed to wait when they open up your heart

Sorry – Our Lady Peace

Today’s the blood from a stone Today’s a light from a candle Helping us to find our way home Today we carry each other Today the past is a

Bring Back The Sun – Our Lady Peace

It’s everything we dream about We wanted you to know I’m hanging up my e-go… We shouldn’t have to fight Or worry about the bills tonight I wanted you

Middle Of Yesterday – Our Lady Peace

You feel the past It’s all the things you thought you had Oh, I woke up in hell today I woke up depressed and drained But that’s ok cause

Somewhere Out There – Our Lady Peace

you were lonely and out of place. You were looking down on me, lost out in space. Laid underneath the stars, strung out and feeling brave. Watch the riddles

The Birdman – Our Lady Peace

once he was there you never looked back how did you think that his words might just fade away he seemed harmless enough so you let him in and

Not Enough – Our Lady Peace

Nothing you can do There’s nothing in between You know the truth Nothing left to face There’s nothing left to lose Nothing takes your place When they say You’re

Made Of Steel – Our Lady Peace

A punching bag, a piece of string, oh That reminds you not to think I found the note down in your car And its not your fault it gets

A Story About A Girl – Our Lady Peace

Suddenly something I’m not You’re something that you bought Was it something I said, my friend A little girl are you tripping on this Are you tripping all over

All For You – Our Lady Peace

But I don’t think I’ll let him in He wants discipline Discipline, control over the way I live Wants the best for me Old school philosophy But I can’t

Is It Safe – Our Lady Peace

so we won’t notice what it was that went wrong I saw something there much too familiar a butterfly with a broken wing she’s fallen under, she’s past the

Right Behind You (Mafia) (another Version) – Our Lady Peace

You sleep, you hope, you wait Imagination disappears And all the dreams you have you save Confrontation like a mirror They try to take your mind away I don’t