Performer OUTKAST

Tomb Of The Boom (Ft Konkrete, Big Gipp And Ludacris) – OutKast

Yo Just so you all know what time it is It’s your homeboy Straight from the A-T I ain’t even goin say the motherfucking rest You know We talk

Bust (Ft Killer Mike) – OutKast

In the caverns of rhine Slinging petty corruption The seventh sign! Yeah!!!! Give to you and I do what it takes! To give it to you! Wars, wars!

Church – OutKast

Like why are we here? What the meanin to all of this? Sometimes life can keep you down, with your face all in the dirt (HALL-LE-LU-JAH)

Call Of Da Wild – OutKast

I’ll be comin around the ghetto when I come kickin one for the treble Y’all can’t stoop to my level, I’m like the devil or whatever I’m pickin up

Da Art Of Storytellin’ (part 1) – OutKast

Yea.. Somebody hit me the other day, for a rendezvous Was it the bitch that fucked the goodie, and the dungeon crew Let’s say her name was suzy skrew,

Prototype – OutKast

I hope that you’re the one If not, you are the prototype We’ll tiptoe to the sun And do thangs I know you like I think I’m in

Behold A Lady – OutKast

OutKast Behold A Lady Sophistophone {?}, aristocats Distinguished stars, clean up your acts Pull up your pants, ladies and gents Please, act like you got some sense

Southernplayalisticaddilacmusic – OutKast

Well its the M I crooked letter comin around the South Rollin straight hammers and vogues in that old Southern slouch Please, ain’t nothin but incense in my atmosphere

Hootie Hoo – OutKast

OutKast Hootie Hoo Hootie Hoo Follow the funk from the skunk and the dank that is crunk in the Dungeon It goes on and on and on,

Atliens – OutKast

Well it’s the m – i – crooked letter, ain’t no one better And when i’m on the microphone you best to wear your sweater Cause i’m cooler than

? – OutKast

Want can make a nigga wanna take another nigga life What can make a nigga wanna do another nigga wife Life a butter knife What can make a nigga

Mamacita – OutKast

Mahogany team queens up on the rise Be careful, watch your back, blackbirds don’t wear disguise How we comin, comin hard.. camels too slow Stick up kids do anything,

The Rooster – OutKast

Oooh, oooh! Somebody done told you you wrong! Ok, I start out all alone ‘Cause my baby mama left me Now there’s nobody at home Beginning to

GhettoMusick – OutKast

Tie me up, don’t tie me down Cut me up, don’t let me down Find, find a way Find a way to get out, wit out, hit out You

Decatur Psalm – OutKast

I call da crib they say “breeze you ain’t know?” I say “what?” “big time got popped in his benzo!” I said “damn man, i’m riding in his lexus

Humble Mumble – OutKast

Ahhhh.. I stank I can, I stank I can The funky engine that could Oooo oooo yosky, wosky, pisky, wisky All aboard the Stankonia Express The underground smell road

Slum Beautiful – OutKast

Slum beautiful, soul, but so amazing They don’t know, but I do though Baby my darling you make me loose composure Fragments of a million me Scattered

Hey Ya – OutKast

One two three go! My baby don’t mess around Because she loves me so And this I know fo shooo.. Uh, But does she

Myintrotoletuknow – OutKast

Time and time again see I be thinking about that future Back in the days when we was slaves I bet we was some cool ass niggaz But now

Knowing – OutKast

Knowing Brothers on the block knowing (from this point on it only gets rougher!) Sisters at the crib knowing (from this point on it only gets rougher!) Preachers