Performer OVERKILL

Gasoline Dream – Overkill

In the sun the garbage stinking. To ignore the rancid, won’t make it go away. Untruth spoke through blistered lip, Unclean thoughts that take the step, Down upon the

End Of The Line – Overkill

Take a good long look, and tell me what you see. Through time passing. Make a stand. In your way, Leaves way.. too much for me. On the edge,

Long Time Dyin’ – Overkill

with a little of touch of denial A man on his knees he was licking the floor like he’s trying to reconcile You fill your pot with anger, You

Bare Bones – Overkill

Where they call from, I can see no light. Walk through fire! To me now! And the fire I can’t feel. Bare bones! (2x) I! have walked through hell.

No Feelings – Overkill

Seen you in the mirror when the story began and I fell in love with you I love yer mortal sin Your brains are locked away but I love

Powersurge – Overkill

They die to get inside. A falling out, between you and your pride. No… don’t go. There’s something you should know. This blinding light, can tear apart your soul.

What I’m Missin’ – Overkill

Somewhere next to mine There’s a line between what is and what should be A line you’ll never find It takes me far away from me, it keeps me

What’s Your Problem – Overkill

I’m not a bad man (bad man), Just excel in anger and hatred!! Do the best, with what I have. I’m a constitution, yeah… Everyday I’m tested! With the

There’s No Tomorrow – Overkill

They lie and they wait for you Servents remember The torture you put us through Living in fear Thoughts that never knew. Your day has come and Time has

Burn You Down/To Ashes – Overkill

You make ammends to the ones you have tried to destroy. So profound… To make ammends to the ones who have tried to destroy, you… As confusion mounts, As

80 Cycles – Overkill

Just a little back – off who you know I don’t think they deserve us As they sit back, back – off, here we go I don’t care if

Fast Junkie – Overkill

Take it right. Down one, No kissin’ concrete. I’m awake! I’m awake! I’m awake! Too alive! It’s comin’..! Let it go let it go let it go let it

Second Son – Overkill

Damned at birth, the child king born. The prophets warned beware the second son. Born to lead! And then raised in peace and harmony My fellow man and I

Bastard Nation – Overkill

The balance goes away. Mine is but an active immagination. Tear the boundary down! Know more line. Take a look inside the bastard that you find. Yelling screamed and

Let Me Shut That For You – Overkill

Hey! Yeah!!!! Yeah!!!!(2x) Here come Mr. ‘I ain’t like that’, Mr. ‘You can count on me’. Here come evolution, walkin’ with stupidity. Waste a’ time, waste a’ my time.

Space Truckin’ – Overkill

Well, we had a lot of fun on Venus We always had a ball on Mars While meeting all the groovey people We’ve rocked the Milky Way so far

Time To Kill – Overkill

Let Me Out Of Prison I’m Just Killing Time Every Time I Turn Around I Start To Hear Familiar Sound Counting Down As Time Stands Still Yes I Think

Let It Burn – Overkill

Fear-fear, got the in to let it out So near, feel its breath all over me Everything is inside, nothing going out I hear you, I see you, I

Thunderhead – Overkill

Anything better than what we better believe No mention of freedom no glory hallelu No mention you freedom I’m coming home for you Life was but of a simple

Who Tends The Fire – Overkill

Who Keeps The Torches Lit Who Fills Your Eyes With Smoke So You Can’t See I Need The Fire I Need The Torches Lit To See Through All The