Perry Mason – Ozzy Osbourne

On his way to dinner when it took him by suprise And with one pull of the trigger he would vanish overnight Dancing by the roadside, holding on for

Believer – Ozzy Osbourne

Watching the time go and feeling belief grow Rise above the obstacles People beech me but they’ll never teach me Things that I already know(I know) Dreams that have

Tatooed Dancer – Ozzy Osbourne

Well she’s a mean hard woman and she knows what she wants. She is my Tattooed rock’n’roll Dancer, I’m under her thumb And when she tells me come, oh

War Pigs – Ozzy Osbourne

just like witches at black masses evil minds that plot destruction sorcerers of death’s construction in the fields the bodies burning as the war machine keeps turning death and

Tomorrow – Ozzy Osbourne

Have you read the message, the writing on the wall Could it be the answer, the answer to it all What’s going down in heaven, I’m playing with your

Mama, I’m Coming Home – Ozzy Osbourne

Times have changed and times are strange Here I come, but I ain’t the same Mama, I’m coming home Times gone by seem to be You could have been

I Just Want You – Ozzy Osbourne

There are no unlockable doors There are no unwinable wars There are no unrightable wrongs Or unsignable songs There are no unbeatable odds There are no believable gods There

Denial – Ozzy Osbourne

You are my only daughter, I guess I made you twice You look inside my other, he’ll give you bad advice I will tell you I’m OK, but deep

Now You See It (Now You Don’t) – Ozzy Osbourne

Overbearing woman makin’ it so hard for me Now you’ve laid it down for all to see Can I ask a question, d’ya think you can take a blow

Over The Mountain – Ozzy Osbourne

Over the mountain take me across the sky Something in my vision, something deep inside Where did I wander d’ya think I wandared to I’ve seen life’s magic astral

Thank God For The Bomb – Ozzy Osbourne

Like moths to a flame Is man never gonna change Time’s seen untold aggression And infliction of pain If that’s the only thing that’s stopping war. Then Thank God

Crazy Babies – Ozzy Osbourne

Crazy…Babies…Crazy Babies never say die. Born to live on a permanent high, flying high above the world below, They’d better come down soon or everyone will know??? Nobody’s gonna

Ghost Behind My Eyes – Ozzy Osbourne

There is person living in my head She comes to visit every night in bed I fight the demon, but it just won’t fall The voices in my dungeon

Mr. Tinkertrain – Ozzy Osbourne

Would you like some sweeties little girl? Come a little closer I’m gonna show you a brand new world tonight I’ve got a palace full of fantasy Ready made

Goodbye To Romance – Ozzy Osbourne

Yesterday has been and gone Tommorow will I find the sun or will it rain Everybody’s having fun except me I’m the lonely one I live in shame I

Devil’s Daughter – Ozzy Osbourne

Well I know where you live, I know you live alone, I’ll pay a visit in your darkest hour. I’ve got a treat in store, Won’t be the same

Lightning Strikes – Ozzy Osbourne

Won’t you listen ‘cos I’m at it again Lightning striking and on that you can depend They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice Gods of thunder

You Can’t Kill Rock’n’roll – Ozzy Osbourne

How many times can they fill me with lies and listen again Twisting the truth and they’re playn’ around with my head OK The things they will do and

I Don’t Know – Ozzy Osbourne

People look to me and say Is the end near, when is the final day What’s the future of mankind How do I know, I got left behind Everyone

You’re No Diffrent – Ozzy Osbourne

How many times can you put me down Till in your heart you realise If you choose to criticise You choose your enemies. Everything that I say and do