Upon A Golden Horse – Page And Plant

After came the sea Crawling through the rain and storm For you, for me Slowly walks the sacred fool Countenance sublime Shining in the light of love Shining, shining

When The World Was Young – Page And Plant

I’ve been here since all time began Oh, oh, I’m here and then Go round and round and back again Ah – ah – ah Ah – ah –

When I Was A Child – Page And Plant

Slowly floating in the blue When I was a boy I dreamed a dream of you I danced upon the tree top I drifted with the stream When I

Sons Of Freedom – Page And Plant

To play with in the sand The one I have right now is broke The one I really want has planned To get religion, to find another way She’s

Blue Train – Page And Plant

And I remember when My world, came falling down Out there the stars stop dancing Lost in my darkness now The rain, keeps falling down Light of my life,

Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Page And Plant

Nobody’s fault but mine Tryin’ to raise my soul to light Nobody’s fault but mine Got a Bible in my home Got a Bible in my ho-oo-oh-oo-ome Tryin’ to

The Battle Of Evermore – Page And Plant

And then she turned to go The prince of peace embraced the gloom And walked the night alone Oh, dance in the dark of night The dark lord rides

Kashmir – Page And Plant

Stars to fill my dreams I am a traveler of both time and space To be where I have been Sit with elders of a gentle race This world

Heart In Your Hand – Page And Plant

Moving softly through the trees With the scent against your arms Long ago I knew your charms As I walk through the purple hills of Soon forgotten Know that

Yallah – Page And Plant

borachs un fun dehl noach, shochen zoap Oh ohhhhh, oh yeah Ah ahhhhh, oh yeah And your city will fall And your corn won’t grow To the silence from

Four Sticks – Page And Plant

Oh, baby, I got to fly I’ve got to try to find a way I’ve got to try to find a way Oh, baby, the river’s red Oh, baby,

Friends – Page And Plant

Black night, still there shining Can’t stop keep on climbing Looking for what I knew Had a friend, he once told me “;You gotta love, you ain’t lonely”; Now

Shining In The Light – Page And Plant

Will you bring me to my love Will you bring me to my only love In the night the light of oneness And the one light guides you home

City Don’t Cry – Page And Plant

Oh, city don’t cry Is all your virgin truth turned to lies Are all your dreams of freedom monolith Is all you peace and justice so much myth, oh

House Of Love – Page And Plant

Why don’t you let me know Oh, throw me the key, I’m locking it up I think it’s time to go Oh when I think about it now We

Wonderful One – Page And Plant

The queen of love has flown again To seek her daughter Who must lie beside the thief Whose golden tongue she will believe Defies the order, ohhh Ohh, that

That’s The Way – Page And Plant

I can’t play with you no more I don’t know how I’m gonna do what mama told me My friend, the boy next door I can’t believe what people

Most High – Page And Plant

Oh lord most high A frightened dove in a starless sky, oh-oh, oh oh oh So high, most high, so high Who hides the east from the blind man’s

Thank You – Page And Plant

I would still be loving you If mountains crumble to the sea, baby There will still be you and me, ee-yeah Kind woman, I give you my all Kind

Since I’ve Been Loving You – Page And Plant

It really makes life a drag I don’t think that’s right I’ve really b-b-been b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-best of fools, ohhh ohhh Yeah, but you know I did what I could, yeah-oh