Performer PAM TILLIS

Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial – Pam Tillis

Well I said he had a lot of potential He was only misunderstood You know he didn’t really mean to treat me so bad He wanted to be good

Killer Comfort – Pam Tillis

Are gone for little girls They’re out there with the boys Out in the big bad world Intense pressure hanging over my head Tonight I need your super tough

You Put The Lonely On Me – Pam Tillis

A baseball glove in the second grade put this little scar on my chin And at 31 they put glasses on me when I couldn’t tell an “;h”; from

Sweetheart’s Dance – Pam Tillis

Sweetheart’s dance, that’s what we do The two heart two-step baby, that’s me and you Sweetheart’s dance round and round Make out in the corner Lover’s quarrel, sweetheart’s dance

Make It Feel Better – Pam Tillis

One more face without a history I’ve been so lonely, so lonely too long That tonight all my inhibitions are gone And you got no lines that I haven’t

Every Time – Pam Tillis

Every time that you walk by I can’t believe that I Have to live without you Every time I hear your name It hits me just the same I

Popular Girl – Pam Tillis

Got a way of firin’ up the boy’s imagination Oh yeah, she’s popular girl She’s a popular girl She’s obscene in all the right places Not good at names

Please – Pam Tillis

She’s fifteen minutes late Jimmy’s still playing in the bath Cold macaroni on his plate And I still haven’t done my hair I hate doin’ my hair It never

Spilled Perfume – Pam Tillis

I ain’t even gonna to ask you I can read you like a book Girl if I ever saw one that’s an I can’t believe I did that look

Betty’s Got A Bass Boat – Pam Tillis

Now Betty was your average ordinary girl Never wanted very much out of this world Just an occasional dinner and twirl, from a regular guy So Betty sat up

Rough And Tumble Heart – Pam Tillis

And there’s not a whole lot that it ain’t been through Never quite learned to play by the rules And there’s one in every dreamer Well, it’s hung around

Thunder And Roses – Pam Tillis

Breakfast in bed And I hated myself for what I never felt I couldn’t love him Then I had fire at midnight Passion that brough tears to my eyes

It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Easy – Pam Tillis

Maybe you can even smile And I’ll try to pretend That you love me again But it might take me a little while Soon you’ll be holding me tight

Let That Pony Run – Pam Tillis

Had the perfect suburban life Till her husband came clean with the help of Jim Beam And confessed all his sins in one night Said he’d fallen in love

All Of This Love – Pam Tillis

Have you ever seen a wild magnolia There’s only one place it grows On the shady banks of the Tennessee River Sheltered, untouched and alone There’s a place in

One Of Those Things – Pam Tillis

I can’t pretend anymore, You know that I love you, but its not enough To keep you away from my door. Now its too late to wonder what’s left

Mandolin Rain – Pam Tillis

The song came and went Like the times that we spent Hiding out from the rain under the carnival tent I’d laugh and he’d smile And it would last

Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love – Pam Tillis

All I’d ever known was make believe So many times I played the fool Baby, till I met you Now everything has fallen in place You can tell by

Never Be The Same – Pam Tillis

To the lowest lows We’ve gone as fare as two can go And we’ll never, never be the same And we fought to keep our love alive When it

You Can’t Have A Good Time Without Me – Pam Tillis

You say you’re not missin’ me darlin’ I know you are and always will be I saw you at the club actin’ so in love Ah, but that don’t