Strip U Down – Pansy Division

We’ve made it up the stairs We’ve made it into the bedroom Where i’ll take you by your short curly hairs You start to take your clothes off But

Negative Queen – Pansy Division

Can´t say anything good about anything He flips his cigarette with disdain You´ve failed to live up to his standards again He´s a negative queen, he´s a negative queen

Flower – Pansy Division

I get all wet between my legs Everytime you pass me by I heave a sigh of pain Everytime I see your face I think of things unpure, unchased

Dick Of Death – Pansy Division

for a shot man trying to act real tough in a bar That kind of attitude won’t get you very far His shirt was open and i saw his

Hippy Dude – Pansy Division

With a pouch on one arm He´s tall and slim And he moves with an animal charm He´s a foxy dude I´d love to lure him to my room

Bill & Ted’s Homosexual Adventure – Pansy Division

The very best of friends They used to go on dates with girls But now they don’t pretend After trying to deny it They went ahead and tried it

Luck Of The Draw – Pansy Division

Went up his apartment Pretty quickly, things turned bad Passion wasn´t his department Too busy shoving poppers up his nose to notice me Took a chance with another Frolicking

Crabby Day – Pansy Division

That i never would forget him To find a beauty such as he in my bed was rare To sleep with him i was excited but later i was

Ring Of Joy – Pansy Division

Lay down on your bed Throw your legs in the air And see what’s around the bend Take a good long look At a buried treasure There between your

Reciprocate – Pansy Division

I´m always lying on my back But when we get together I´m unhappy in the sack Cause all my desires And wild anticipation Seems to wilt away In continual

The Cocksucker Club – Pansy Division

About being attracted to his own kind He´s ready to take those fantasies And make them into something real And finally do all the things He´s been dreaming of

Anonymous – Pansy Division

The band is playing loud with roaring guitars The crowd is dancing madly, slamming in the pit I´m rubbing shoulders with a guy I´d love to rub more with

Cry For A Shadow – Pansy Division

and leaves you shattered you shed for so many untrue can you cry for a shadow? can you cry for a heart crying out for you? can you cry

Groovy Underwear – Pansy Division

White fabric surrounding your nuts Bike shorts put it on display You´re wearing it to the left today Sweat pants clinging to your crevice Boxer shorts for easy access

Denny – Pansy Division

He´s got a tattoo of his dick on his belly It was double vision disorienting Denny´s kind of a dorky fella Denny´s dramatic, Denny´s dark He ain´t nothing like

Anthem – Pansy Division

We´re queer rockers in your face today We can´t relate to Judy Garland It´s a new generation of music calling We´re the buttfuckers of rock & roll we wanna

James Bondage – Pansy Division

I picked him up pumping gas up on Castro I knew he was the one for me Grey temples and a little paunch Looks like he jumped out of

The Story So Far – Pansy Division

I looked at him he smiled at me We started talking and I was impressed He was smart and sweet and confident Just as I was thanking my good

A Song Of Remembrance For Old Boyfriends – Pansy Division

For our old boyfriends But who now live with someone else Well they’re part of our lives But now they’ve gone But we still see them when the world