In All Honesty – Paradise Lost

Sit Alone Anticipate Great Times Of Change But Their All Washed Away With Laughter As We Wait To Perish, Turn To Ashes Things We’ve All Gone Through….. Sit Alone

Behind The Grey – Paradise Lost

I Can’t See Much Hope In What Lays Broken I Can’t See Much Truth In What’s Being Spoken I Can’t See Much Hope In What Lays Broken I’ve Seen

Deep – Paradise Lost

When Tomorrow Brings This Trail Of Desperate Thoughts Living So Afraid When Tomorrow Brings This Trail Of Simple Thoughts Give In For One Day Face The Absolute That Things

Dying Freedom – Paradise Lost

The cold caressing rains The reaping arms of silence, evolve for us to see Overruled by a lack of paitence, it’s untold That’s the secret that has mad it

Elusive Cure – Paradise Lost

Take a pact, hide the fuel that’s gathered here Pale in view a fool resigns and taken over Skin your pride, it’s stripped and taken from you Buried deep

Wreck – Paradise Lost

Talk With Friends Of God Sometimes You’ll See Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Don’t Say Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Save Your Weak Demands For

Hallowed Land – Paradise Lost

You’d love to be so far away It’s not a long way to go, it’s gonna end in your pain Greet open handed stranger Create the turmoil, you’re not

Master Of Misrule – Paradise Lost

it’s too late to feel again what it takes to be born what it takes when the last has fallen what I see is depravity within us all what

Made The Same – Paradise Lost

You May Need Some Honest Words, So Ill Say Them.. Oh Lord Knows Why.. Cause I’m Made Of The Same As Your Made If I Struggle With Ill Fortune

Year Of Summer – Paradise Lost

How Low Can You Descend Approach The Subject Kindly You’ve Chosen To Defend Those Tears Are Not For Real They’re Falling On Command A Harsh Decision Maybe You’re Living

True Belief – Paradise Lost

Closed the room where the last is buried Rise or fall at your master’s request You’re unable to accept redemption I don’t know about a true belief here With

How Soon Is Now? – Paradise Lost

and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar I am the son and heir of nothing in particular you shut your mouth how can you say I

Shadowkings – Paradise Lost

A spiral movement, the ultimate mystery Will you show….will you show who you are? It’s the truth that untrue suspicion is spreading like a disease Do you know if

I See Your Face – Paradise Lost

Coming back today, the pounding thoughts relay It’s a time that’s for myself I’m laying low, strife is gaining slow A kind of anguish I don’t need…… When I

Enchantment – Paradise Lost

Like a fever, fever – inside of me Like a fever, fever – inside of me Stand fast, faithful one See the moon and not the sun but I……

Once Solemn – Paradise Lost

Once solemn, the thing I’m leaving alone Once solemn, the looks that turn one to stone And I’m learning the highs and the lows of the panic inside And

Permanent Solution – Paradise Lost

And I’m Turning It Around For You Lord I Feel I Tried Much More Than Most And I’ve Done The Things I Wanted To It’s That Useless Contribution That

Embers Fire – Paradise Lost

A crude elite that’s from a distant zone You don’t know if It’s the truth you told Anger looks on the quiet dreaming Seals the sense incandescent ones Hold

Your Hand In Mine – Paradise Lost

Lift the fallen prize Told you soon will die Sin that sails alight Carry ungodly crimes Travelling out of reach Taking the weight of the night upon my back

No Reason – Paradise Lost

There Something’s You Can’t Conceal, It’s The Same Old Show, Maybe You Don’t Know, Go And Find Some Reasons To Live…. Always A Mistake I’m Selfless, Always A Mistake