Performer PAT MCGEE

I Know – Pat McGee

Had to write you, we didn’t talk today Must have seen you walking through my town Have to hold you, love without a sound I know I won’t there

Identity – Pat McGee

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s your willingness to collapse yourself, That leaves your backbone on the shelf. When the time comes for leaving, Will you

Shine – Pat McGee

I wish you never chose to cross that line Now you walk among the famous ones You’re the angels’ sun, but now you’re gone And you chose to shine

Rebecca – Pat McGee

She’s been cluelessly wonderin just how long she’s been had. She knows more than you or me, but she never thinks she’s wrong It seems the tables are turnin

Hero – Pat McGee

She will you find you flyin’ Around life again Think about your world now, a walk through the park Bet you nearly lost it, this time worlds apart Never

The Story – Pat McGee

she was sitting at the table, pouring beer from a spout. He catches her eye from across the bar, he wouldn’t even bring himself to go that far. Chorus

Lost – Pat McGee

Alone I wait for you, I feel I should Maybe just possibly you’ll turn your head And look at me the way the angels would I’m thinkin ’bout you

Girl From Athens – Pat McGee

If only she knew that she’d take it this far. Like a leaf without a tree she lost her roots. Tell me where they ignore you. In your world

Fine – Pat McGee

It’s all right, I don’t mind It’s all right, I don’t mind And it’s fine with me Could it be that I found you there Or just another time

Haven’t Seen For A While – Pat McGee

And I’m using this pen to talk to you, from a southern way. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen you last Time away from you Ain’t movin too fast

Can’t Miss What You Never Had – Pat McGee

To a man who’d been knocking around bardo’s door So I come home thinking that I ought not be missing All those things that you’re sending, well they ain’t

Passion – Pat McGee

The brighter thing get to realize your dreams, brings all the whole world to judge on your scene. I’m trying to ask you to open up your senses, To

Drivin’ – Pat McGee

Thinks about her family, Anne won’t talk Tried to reason with me slowly Morning’s not my time Must have seen me feelin’ lonely To win my line You will

All Around Us – Pat McGee

We cannot see it, but we know it’s looking back at us. It’s the sense of all senses touching us in the kindest way. Don’t bother to show me,

Anybody – Pat McGee

Tearin’ yourself apart now, you know you won’t stay All right, oh yeah, never meant to stay Rejected and repsected for all that you know You bring it on

Runaway – Pat McGee

Stay for me with no disguise We should fall, still we can rise Lay it down, your heart, tonight Try to imagine your soul set free Let it go

Could Have Been A Song – Pat McGee

But my words were blown away I could have sung about tomorrow But I couldn’t find today Forget about writing down my conversations ‘Cause I can’t think of what

Flooding Both Of Us – Pat McGee

I’m wondering why I lay here upstairs gone and afraid She’s hoping that I’ll come downstairs to see her to bed But tonight she’s laying there crying sore-hearted instead

On Your Way Out Of Here – Pat McGee

It’s the same old people, pulling the wool over you Their eyes can see all the darkness others only stir. The medicine that you need is the only cure.

Straight Curve – Pat McGee

And people have you heard, all about the child. Up above God asked you, won’t you hold it down Feeling out way through, digging up the sound. And the