Satisfied – Paul Carrack

Just wanna keep you satisfied Every trick in the book, girl by hook or by crook gonna keep you satisfied You’ve become an addiction, somehow I can’t resist Let

If You’d Ever Needed Someone – Paul Carrack

Before you say something you might regret I know something’s missing But I can’t begin to accept what you said Maybe, you can show me Exactly where I’m goin’

Always Have Always Will – Paul Carrack

Will stand the test of time I’m here to tell you I can put your mind at ease Ain’t nothing in the whole wide world that could ever make

Perfect Love – Paul Carrack

Everyone tonight But it seems we’re just too blind to see There’s a love that’s so deep We should never want But do we really know what we need?

The Way I’m Feeling Tonight – Paul Carrack

Anybody can make a mistake I overdid it and I can’t complain If someone’s taken my place It ain’t the first time, it won’t be the last That I

For Once In Our Lives – Paul Carrack

Things have changed between the two of us We’ve been falling through the here and now It’s time for us to reinvest our trust Can’t you see for once

You Give Me Something – Paul Carrack

Just like the Sun after the rain has gone We’re living in unusual times The picture’s changing everyday It’s hard to know which way to turn There’s a minefield

No Easy Way Out – Paul Carrack

So many things better left unsaid Well I’m telling you baby, there’s no easy way out Dreams may shatter, tears may fall So hard to make any sense at

Close To Me – Paul Carrack

Here with you now I feel that everything is right Come to me now There’s no reason to hesitate Cos I don’t know, I don’t know How much longer

Time To Let Go – Paul Carrack

I’m on your side, I’m your biggest fan You don’t need to tell me, any precious lies Cos I won’t believe them, when I look in your eyes Every

It Goes Without Saying – Paul Carrack

All you ever give me, is it goes without saying You leave it unspoken, the message is loud and clear Here in the silence where it goes without saying