Stranglehold – Paul McCartney

Can I Get You To Slip Me The Answer? Can I Get You To Slow Me A Little Of Your Mime? You Were Always A Very Good Dancer I’d

To You – Paul McCartney

Would you still put me through what you put me through? If it happened to you. What if it happened to you? What if it happened a man kept

Back In The Sunshine Again – Paul McCartney

Back in the sunshine again No more worries and no more pain We’re leaving behind All our troubles and strife And that’s the way it’s gonna be For the

Looking For Changes – Paul McCartney

The Man Who Fed Him Said He Didn’t Feel Any Pain I’d Like To See That Man Take Out That Machine And Stick It In His Own Brain You

Band On The Run – Paul McCartney

Never Seeing No One Nice Again Like You, Mama You, Mama You. If I Ever Get Out Of Here, Thought Of Giving It All Away To A Registered Charity.

Take It Away – Paul McCartney

Take It Away Wanna Hear You Play ‘Til The Lights Go Down Take It Away Don’t You Wanna Stay ‘Til There’s No One Else Around Lonely Driver Out On

Beautiful Night – Paul McCartney

Someone’s high and dry. Someone’s on a mission to the lonely Lorelei. Some folkЎЇs got a vision of a castle in the sky And I’m left stranded, wondering why.

Dear Boy – Paul McCartney

Dear boy, what you had found, I guess you never knew, Dear boy, that she was just the cutest thing around. I guess you never knew what you had

Good Times Coming / Feel The Sun – Paul McCartney

Pack Up Your Bags And Yell “;Geronimo”;. That Was A Golden Summer, Laught A Lot. Laughing At The Good Times Coming, Laughing At The Good Times Coming In. Good

Mull Of Kintyre – Paul McCartney

Oh Mist Rolling In From The Sea, My Desire Is Always To Be Here Oh Mull Of Kintyre Far Have I Traveled And Much Have I Seen Dark Distant

Here Today – Paul McCartney

And If I Say I Really Knew You Well What Would Your Answer Be. If You Were Here Today. Ooh – Ooh – Ooh – Here To – Day.

Twice In A Lifetime – Paul McCartney

To someone like me I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes Who knows how to find love Think before you give your answer Who knows what a mystery

C’mon People – Paul McCartney

Get It Right This Time. We’re Going To Really Going To Raise It To The Sku. People Are Ready To Forgive A Few Mistakes But Let’s Get Started, Form

Through Our Love – Paul McCartney

On Things… Things We Already Knew Born To Do… I Give My Love To You Whenever You Get Some Time Whenever You Get Some Time I’d Like To Roll

Tiny Bubble – Paul McCartney

Don’t leave home tonight While we’re sleeping we can learn to see that All the world’s a tiny bubble Floating inside Those of us who notice are Expected to

The Songs We Were Singing – Paul McCartney

And discuss all the vast intricacies of life We could jaw through the night Talk about a range of subjects, anything you like Oh yeah But we always came

Good Rockin’ Tonight – Paul McCartney

Well, I heard the news Ev’rybody rocking tonight. I say, well, why don’t you meet me behind the barn, Don’t you be worried, I’ll do you no harm I

Must Do Something About It – Paul McCartney

All day long I’ve been alone, and I must do something about it, yes I must do something about it. Played another losing cardgame with myself. Lonely joker on

Back On My Feet – Paul McCartney

I want know will the clouds When they roll back Reveal a man in an old mac Living on a park bench Sitting on his own? Cut the rain

Talk More Talk – Paul McCartney

Sleasy Instruments, Half Talked, Half Baked Ideas… Dad, You Didn’t Say O. K…. The Window Was Open, Outside Was A Spaceship, (A Master Can Highlight The Phrases) It Took