There’s No Drinking After Your Dead – Paul Weller

Come lose yourself Taste this time But keep it well – only love it all With heart and head For there is no drinking, After your dead. Dive and

A Whale’s Tale – Paul Weller

But you hunt me the same You don’t even know me But you hunt me the same You don’t even see me But you seek me the same- And

I Walk On Gilded Splinters – Paul Weller

But I know they must be crazy Can’t see their misfortune Even if they’re lazy Walk throughout the fire Drive throughout the smoke See my enemy at the end

Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) – Paul Weller

Pulling faster all the time – Powerless to warnings If you feel the hand of God – Can you guide it holy man? But you are only flesh and

Feeling Alright – Paul Weller

‘Cause every night I have the strangest dream Imprisoned by the way things used to be Left here on my own or so it seems I’ve got to get

Shadow Of The Sun – Paul Weller

Like you always said you would Or has time re-written everything Like you never dreamt it could Remember when we wanted to fly forever On a magic carpet ride

Foot Of The Mountain – Paul Weller

Always drifting away And I can’t catch up She just skips away – on the tide Sometimes a great notion Can lead you astray So weak to devotion So

Above The Clouds – Paul Weller

Threatening winter as I walked. Summer always goes so quick, Barely stopping like my thoughts. Which dip and spin and change so fast I have to wonder – Will

With Time And Temperance – Paul Weller

As you change your aim And lives thrown up into the open Get on a different plane Words meant but were left unspoken Take on a different name And

Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea – Paul Weller

You’re the one to get my heart a-jumpin’ Light of love all around your being to see The future – it’s looking at you It only exists because you’re

Bull-Rush – Paul Weller

That sent me tumbling down into a deep despair Lost and dazed so I had no real recollection Until the rain cleared the air When you wake to find

Frightened – Paul Weller

I shakes and fall Underneath my sheets The sunlight creeping From my head down to my feet Telling me to rise And face the light again 2. I plead

The Changingman – Paul Weller

Or am I so jaded I can’t see or feel – like a man been tainted Numbed by the effect – aware of the muse Too in touch with

Back In The Fire – Paul Weller

Fill the dusty corners of your mind – As cars, boats and aeroplanes Just remind you of a better time As love’s hopes and everyone’s Anyone worth a minute

Sunflower – Paul Weller

We have no future, we have no past I write this now while I’m in control I’ll choose the words and how the melody goes, Along winding streets we

Out Of The Sinking – Paul Weller

Where the world’s awaiting – I’ll wait for you love – But I close my eyes, as there’s pain too in paradise – Hey baby say – just what

Whirlpool’s End – Paul Weller

Over our heads but far enough to see A bomb exploding in another town Children choking on a poison cloud While on the streets, where lovers once walked, Side

Into Tomorrow – Paul Weller

Where we have no say over date and place Don’t get embarrassed if it happens a lot, That you don’t know how you started or where you’re gonna stop

The Weaver – Paul Weller

Of all these people from – such different places And if you can succeed – what then will you achieve With a different tune to play – you’ve been

Ends Of The Earth – Paul Weller

She’d follow me to the ends of the earth ????and I’d let her And everyday was like a fairy tale Cuts me up inside to think how I failed