Parricide – Pestilence

Criminal aberrancy, they rest among their ancestry As an adolescent his life was filled with agony Rancour put a tragic end to the affinity His childhood and puberty were

Echoes Of Death – Pestilence

Trapped inside my self-capsule For a journey into an atmosphere A darkened space I`m floating in Although I am not here I`m cought, a romm, it`c coloured black The

The Process Of Suffocation – Pestilence

Smoke`s penatrating the atmosphere It comes forth from heavy industry The layers of air sorrounding us, are venomed by large factory chimneys Environment pollution Damage unmesurable Nitrogen concentrations Drive

The Secrecies Of Horror – Pestilence

‘An unknown dimension revealed to man’ Within the realms unseen The missing have returned Deformed beyond recognition Remains of bodies burned When all is lost Swallowed by depths of

Land Of Tears – Pestilence

‘Fear of all evil that controls mankind’ Dark sides of life Unspoken by those in search of the Light Darkness they will find Rejecting all evil, taken possession of

Suspended Animation – Pestilence

Suffering from a disaese The morbid symptoms aren`t identifiable Physicians; they disagree Fighting is the thus impossible Vainly you wait for a cure But there’s pain you have to

Twisted Truth – Pestilence

‘Views from a twisted mind’ A God before God Summon the demons to enter your body Ceremonies to attain the blessing A faith in secrecy No respect for the

Demise Of Time – Pestilence

Within the bounds of begin and end lies the evolution of all that lives Repeating history is its time ahead Technology seems so primitive Different eras unknown to man

Mind Reflections – Pestilence

Unconscious, conscious Your mind is trapped, your body is free A senseless life in silence Your eyes are closed, yet you see Within your personal world you see a

Cycle Of Existence – Pestilence

They were frightened of sunset Detest the dark when possessed ones appear Disturbing the peace of the dead A deterrent tale of reality A story made of fantasy Searching

Reduce To Ashes – Pestilence

Dark middleagess centuries of pain The appearance of the inquisitions Religion turned out to be insane In these times of witch prosecutions Tortured till confession Await the execution Moaning

Commandments – Pestilence

Fighting for the land on which they live Separation of different races, different nations Disparity, no solidarity Deuce of a mess, impeachment of faith Preachings, reconciliations insincere Needless battles,

Testimony – Pestilence

‘Seeking life-answers by using dark powers’ Lead: Mameli The gates to my subconscious, open wide Hear and remember, the incantations I recite Reveal the power, no longer known by

Stigmatized – Pestilence

‘Branded, for making the wrong choices in life’ Open the book of life To die a second death Burn in the lake of fire Next to the false prophet

Systematic Instruction – Pestilence

Is spreading a prophet’s doctrine Everywhere are effigies Contributing to insanity The dictator is calling out his canonization A perfect cloak for coming aggrandizement He’s leading the land to

Out Of The Body – Pestilence

In the darkness They crawl on places Wher you can`t see or hear they come Marching silently When it`s dawn they will be gone A swelling on my body

Prophetic Revelations – Pestilence

‘Ancient wisdom in present reality’ Philosophy of time The knowledge of the unknown Ages in which the future was seen Visions of hell were shown Nightmares foretell the unexpected

Soul Search – Pestilence

Paved roads of deceit Leading to all life’s directions So many went ahead Self-denial at their horizons Reaching out for all that’s there to achieve Despite your being and

Deify Thy Master – Pestilence

His hands held high Hypnotyzing eyes, the instruments of power he has obtained His spoken words Standing on the pedestal He sees his portrait held high by their hands

Chronic Infection – Pestilence

Forced isolation in centuries of disgust Disease of the soul, living lives which rae lost Muddled identities, living out days Scaring it`s victims, a formless face Respiratory skin eruptions