Rent – Pet Shop Boys

(Again… Again… Again… Ooooh (Again… Again… Again… Again… …) You dress me up, I’m your puppet You buy me things, I love it You bring me food, I need

West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys

Sometimes you’re better off dead There’s gun in your hand and it’s pointing at your head You think you’re mad, too unstable Kicking in chairs and knocking down tables

It Must Be Obvious – Pet Shop Boys

Are you feeling alright? It’s easy, we’ve been there before But it feels like the flight Of the von Trapps, does that mean it’s war? Oh no, From my

The End Of The World – Pet Shop Boys

Floods of tears and doors slamming Stamping feet across the landing Because of your obligation To stay home and fight Sitting down to a composition Test the limits of

To Speak Is A Sin – Pet Shop Boys

We’ve been around forever Look at us now together Ordering drinks at the bar Saying hello to menfriends Smiling across a friend’s friends Ordering drinks at the bar To

Bet She’s Not Your Girlfriend – Pet Shop Boys

(Whisper whisper whisper whisper) Whisper ’round the town, ’cause you’re my friend and that’s the end For you’re the only one in town Who they will beg to hang

The Only One – Pet Shop Boys

The only one I think of you and wonder who you are and what’s your line I wonder if there’s someone else or if it’s true that I’m the

You Know Where You Went Wrong – Pet Shop Boys

Two men on the street Drinking something cheap No home, no family It’s cold, nowhere to sleep Passers-by never catch their eye Anywhere, one man drinks, the other swears

How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? – Pet Shop Boys

You live upon a stage, and everyone’s agreed You’re the brightest hope by far that anyone can see So when you take the limelight you can guarantee You’re gaining

One More Chance – Pet Shop Boys

The city is quiet, too cold to walk alone Strangers in overcoats hurry on home Tonight I’ve been walking in the rain Someone’s been talking and I’ve got the

Dj Culture – Pet Shop Boys

(Attention! Attention! Trente-neuf, quarante) Imagine a war which everyone won Permanent holiday in endless sun Peace without wisdom, one steals to achieve Relentlessly, pretending to believe Attitudes are materialistic,

Vampires – Pet Shop Boys

Brother, it don’t matter Sister, don’t worry Say what you like I’ll do what you want me to do You’re a vampire I’m a vampire too Sun in the

A Different Point Of View – Pet Shop Boys

When I’m sitting so close to you There’s only one thing that I wanna do But I know what you’re likely to say That I’m going about it the

To Face The Truth – Pet Shop Boys

You know it hurts me when you lie Sometimes it even makes me cry ‘Cause I’m so in love with you If you don’t believe what I have said

Suburbia – Pet Shop Boys

Roaming suburban boys Mother’s got a hairdo to be done She says they’re too old for toys Stood by the bus stop with a felt pen In this suburban

Where The Streets Have No Name/Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Pet Shop Boys

(Burning down love) (Burning down love) I want to run, I want to hide I want to break down the walls that hold me inside I want to reach

Happiness Is An Option – Pet Shop Boys

It is not easy It is not easy Looking from a window at the back of a house at the edge of a town It’s grey like the day

Saturday Night Forever – Pet Shop Boys

I don’t care what these commentators say I swear I don’t care for what difference do they make? I go where I go and I get there fast Don’t

I’m Not Scared – Pet Shop Boys

Your life’s a mystery, mine is an open book If I could read your mind, I think I’d take a look I don’t care Baby, I’m not scared What

Don Juan – Pet Shop Boys

The man who’s escorting Don Juan to his bride Knows he is courting an impudent pride Think of his jealousy, oh, where will he hide? The man who’s escorting