Performer PETE ROCK

Truly Yours ’98 – Pete Rock

As a ten then again she was probably an eight Her ass was kinda phat so she moved me yo When I scoped out her mental was straight said

Mind Blowin’ – Pete Rock

Aiyyo, check this one out Somethin smooth Calm you down Check out the story Ya know what I mean? 1998 It’s Vinia on the hook up Pete Rock Aiyyo,

Tha Game – Pete Rock

Wall to wall.. that’s my word I want approximately.. everything you got The verdict.. that’s right Yo… Call me the black champion Guess down, wanna test now So let’s

Take Your Time – Pete Rock

Zone out now, one two, yo This goes out to all coasts East coast, West coast And all across the nation, worldwide Know what I mean? Relax, kick your

Tru Master – Pete Rock

Your highness, live from the bricks, one six Pete Rock bang your head, break the drumsticks Verbal assault, rhymes rippin through the mix Specialist, with the smash hits that

Respect Mine – Pete Rock

The renassance man no gat in my hand Episode numero uno check out the man Spread a verse like a thesis or a virus Open the iris nigga I’m

Soul Survivor – Pete Rock

Dedicated to the brothers that never made it Cut short, they prime read life between the lines Photographed by rhymes yo it’s hard times All across the nation cold

Verbal Murder 2 – Pete Rock

Yo, Terror Squad, Pete Rock collabo’ From git-go, yo yo Aiyyo it’s such a shame all these dick riders tryin to corrupt the game But what it bring, nuttin

Da Two – Pete Rock

then I remind you of third street when it was sweet See’d us move on and grow to another plateau with me and…. Havin that dough In the last

It’s About That Time – Pete Rock

The planet overwhelmed yo just brace yaself Ya wanna go against me first face yaself i pose threat To whoever within ya commonwealth the top ten I’m crushing ya

One Life To Live – Pete Rock

Quick to spit more shit than like 0 Dog and Kane Betty White taught a nigga no pain no gain So I grabs the mic and spit like I’m

Half Man Half Amazin’ – Pete Rock

“;And I say right about now get ready to get down to the funky sound of the man they call”; “;Pete Rock”; “;and Method Man”; Dumbheads, what?

#1 Soul Brother – Pete Rock

Rock from New York, London and Japan It’s time to take command expand to higher lands P. H. the next man not in da plans I’m dead serious like

Rock Steady Part II – Pete Rock

I started with, ‘The New York niggaz got crazy game’ And drove the whole motherfucking world insane I been rolling with my man P. R. since the C. L.

Strange Fruit – Pete Rock

Subliminal thug-ism Rap mysticism For all my niggas locked with life in state prison We combinate, like dime piece and sperm jizm Queens niggas going to trial, just sit