You Know Better Than I Know – Pete Shelley

Love’s a state of mine Trying hard just to make it perfect Try’n’a make life rhyme Questions only lead to questions Round and ’round they spin There’s no need

Waiting For Love – Pete Shelley

You keep me waiting for love Sometimes I understand more than I feel It keeps me in command of what is real Waiting for love You keep me waiting

Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself – Pete Shelley

I played my part In this show What if today Was yesterday? Who would know? Take your time don’t worry There’s no need to hurry Anything can happen given

XL1 – Pete Shelley

What could I say We’re never seen together We hide away Didn’t know what dreams were for Didn’t know what friends were for Didn’t know what love was for

In Love With Somebody Else – Pete Shelley

For some love oh yeah I’m popular since you left me you see All booked up oh yeah But half of what I want I don’t need Cos you

Witness The Change – Pete Shelley

Reflecting on the past The shattered hopes and dreams of a future That was never meant to last Just turn around now Tell me what you see Look all

Need A Minit – Pete Shelley

And you know that time is a sacrifice In a minute I’ll maybe wind up All the dreams and desires that can’t be thought of twice Everyday I look

Many A Time – Pete Shelley

With useless information Until it drags me down You seem to fill the time With uselesss occupations Until it drags you down I’ve had my share Of broken promise

You Can’t Take That Away – Pete Shelley

You remind me a lot of myself A few years ago maybe No regrets I’ve often wondered what I’d do If I had my time again Daydreaming’s easy But

Love In Vain – Pete Shelley

I was making hard what’s easy I was running ’round in circles When I bumped into you Don’t tell me that my love’s in vain I’ve had a second

If You Ask Me I Won’t Say No – Pete Shelley

Something’s going on between us I’m too nervous though to make the first move All I need is your attention Love’s so very hard to mention Especially when we’re

Never Again – Pete Shelley

So I hung around a while You said to me give me three good reasons Why I should even raise a smile Somebody told me they thought I was

Just One Of Those Affairs – Pete Shelley

I always knew you could My mind had the idea running through it I always thought you might Sometimes but not just quite But now we’re right baby let’s

Homosapien – Pete Shelley

You’re the coy boy And you know we’re Homosapien too I’m the cruiser You’re the loser Me and you sir Homosapien too Homosuperior In my interior But from the

You And I – Pete Shelley

Though we’re different we’ll remain the same Love’s devoid of reason anyway Finder’s keepers so they say What I grasp at only fades away Love’s devoid of reason anyway

Yesterday’s Not Here – Pete Shelley

Hoping for some nice advice that only you could bring But you came as in a storm when the woolly dreams were shorn off my back Suffer cold reality’s

I Just Wanna Touch – Pete Shelley

You know I kinda like you too much It would be great if we could relate this way Cos I, I just wanna touch I don’t wanna play the

It’s Hard Enough Knowing – Pete Shelley

And harder still showing What you feel when you’re in love Well it’s OK you say it plain But I don’t mind it’s all a game It’s hard to

Pusher Man – Pete Shelley

He had some good stuff He showed me a bag And he pulled out the snuff I had just one try And that was enough Water poured from my

Life Without Reason – Pete Shelley

Counting the stars in the sky I thought millions of people will die Eventually Life without reason just can’t be believed in On and on Circling ’round in my