Only Love Knows Why – Peter Cetera

And I’m not very good at hiding my sorrow It’s not the same without you So alone and so afraid I thought we had it made What about us,

Holding Out – Peter Cetera

But the sound of the pouring rain It oughta be breaking my heart But I feel no pain Trying to pick up the station That’ll carry me through this

On The Line – Peter Cetera

I was weary and so all alone Looking ahead by the side of the road What I saw was the sign “;Telephone”; *Talking to you is something I need

Faithfully – Peter Cetera

When you love somebody so passionately Time has a way of stealing That raging fire you’re feeling Leaving the ashes laying at your feet Those fools of little faith

Restless Heart – Peter Cetera

I don’t want you walking away We’re so good together Tell me it’s forever–’cause I want you to stay I’ll be damned if I’m living without you And as

Dip Your Wings – Peter Cetera

With an empty glass and a single rose Take a turn towards the shifting light There you’ll see my shadow lost in the night Endless flight has no directions

Big Mistake – Peter Cetera

They’re standing in line He never has to worry about being alone He’s taking his own sweet time The man’s mighty hot Believe it or not Every woman’s after

The Next Time I Fall – Peter Cetera

How it leads me back again To heartache I’ll never understand Darling I put my heart up on a shelf ‘Till the moment was right and I told myself

World Falling Down – Peter Cetera

Take it from me it’s not easy When you’re living on your own And now I face it (and even now I take it) One day at a time

Daddy’s Girl – Peter Cetera

You say it’s time for bed She just takes her time Acting like she never heard a word you said Little baby wanna hold you tight She don’t ever

I Can Feel It – Peter Cetera

I can feel it, yeah yeah And I’m old enough to do things my way I can feel it, yeah yeah *Once I get to you I’m never gonna

Body Language (There In The Dark) – Peter Cetera

Trying your best to forget It’s all behind you, it’s part of the past You’ve got no time for regrets Time to start over with somebody new You’ve got

Feels Like Heaven – Peter Cetera

I always said I was biding my time But alone in the dark I’d face my fears That no other heart would come to mine At first when you

Next Time I Fall – Peter Cetera

How it leads me back again To heartache I’ll never understand Darling, I put my heart upon a shelf ‘Till the moment was right, and I told myself The

Solitude/Solitaire – Peter Cetera

I’ve got to get away There are times like this when I’m better off by myself Stuck in a corner Nothing more to lose, I’m a goner I’m just

I Wasn’t The One (Who Said Goodbye) – Peter Cetera

Seems like a lifetime since I walked beside your smile There’s a dark cloud that’s hanging above Memories never lie Still we talk about the way that it was

Man In Me – Peter Cetera

And he searches for his pride He’s confused by who he’s told to be ‘Cause he feels the beast inside He is troubled by the changing times And he

Do You Love Me That Much – Peter Cetera

Just to watch you sleep, hear each breath you take. When the morning lights your face, I just wanna hold you, and forget the day. I live and breathe

Apple Of Your Daddy’s Eye – Peter Cetera

I felt like one lucky Son of a gun And when you turned into two I was so happy When you said I love you Held you in my

Glory Of Love – Peter Cetera

As we’re both lying here There’s so many things I want to say I will always love you I would never leave you alone Sometimes I just forget Say