Song By Surprise – Peter, Paul & Mary

Grab you by the hand and step on the electric door
Leave the shopping cart right where it is
I betcha somebody’s got the same list
I wanna take us away from all this to a distant shore.

I’d leave the car by the curb with the motor on
The tape deck playin’ our favorite love song
And you’d say “;What in the world?”;
And smile just like a little girl
And I’d say “;I can’t tell you now but it won’t be long.”;

I know it sounds funny, but it’s true…
I get so busy I forget I’m in love with you
And every now and then we need to get away to get close again.

Up in the air in a window seat
Your head on my shoulder and a blanket around our feet
We could leave the kids at home
And if you get worried we could telephone
We need a weekend of fun for under two hundred dollars complete.


There we would be in a sunny land

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