The World Is A Mess – Phil Vassar

life goes by. Well I go to work, my boss is a jerk. I try my best, but my feelings get hurt. They treat me like dirt. The only

Dancin’ with Dreams – Phil Vassar

Down in the basement, a big killer stereo, dimmer switch on the lights. Jean was a dancer and Paul was a drummer, Christine was a doctor-to-be. Life streched before

Around Here Somewhere – Phil Vassar

We say the lines but there’s no spark We never miss a cue, but it’s a passionless walk-through “I love you” doesn’t mean so much when there’s no fire

Here to Forget – Phil Vassar

Maria loves those blue margaritas. She likes them garnished with peach. I dig these dirty martinis, and I like them shaken not stirred. I come here every evening, just

I Thought I Never Would Forget – Phil Vassar

I’d thrown away Had fallen off the basement shelf, I tripped and almost hurt myself Scattered there across the floor A New Year’s Eve hat from ’94 Ticket stubs

Athens Grease – Phil Vassar

Georgia one twenty-nine Straight into Athens past the Clark County line There’s an old Texaco right across From the Athens Woolworth Billy Joe Taylor’s underneath that lift There ain’t

This Is My Life – Phil Vassar

Linin their pockets What does it matter? All I want is an honest wage A piece of ground where my kids are safe 80 bucks to fill my truck

Drive Away – Phil Vassar

Things are too simple, things are too hard Nobody’s happy with the way things are Looking for the quick fix, the short term loan Got to rent ’cause you

Rose Bouquet – Phil Vassar

We were somethin’, you and me Yeah we had’em rollin’ in the aisles We got it right once, didn’t we We had our shot and missed it by a

Gone by Dawn – Phil Vassar

But don’t take it personal if I’m not broken-hearted I’ve had enough, I’ll sleep you off Your memory ain’t so tough Right now I’m hurtin But one thing’s for

Little Red Rodeo – Phil Vassar

Looks like to me you’re feelin’ kinda crowded. You’re not looking for anything permanent here, so my Rodeo is packed and it’s in ‘goodbye gear.’ “ So I shot

Forgettin’s So Long – Phil Vassar

Rolls off my tongue like a nursery rhyme Wooden numbers on the front of your house Where we fell in love Little things they stick in my mind Like

Joe And Rosalita – Phil Vassar

Joe and Rosalita, look’em up in the year book Even then they had that wild-in-love crazy look Joe’s car on Friday night, after the ball game Steam so thick

For A Little While – Phil Vassar

We’re sittin on the bank and watch the world go by Our feet in the water she pressed her lips to mine We were so long on love but

Baby Rocks – Phil Vassar

She’s got black, leather britches and long, long legs She’s got a booty tattoo, red lips and a tongue Well, some girls just know how to have fun Start

Somewhere In Between – Phil Vassar

Sometimes I forget, then I remember Sometimes I hold on, then I let go Sometimes I fight, then I surrender Losing you’s been harder than you’ll ever know I’m

The Woman In My Life – Phil Vassar

She was the lady that smiled all the time. I know times were hard, but she never let on. No, it wasn’t easy but she was so strong. An’

I’m Alright – Phil Vassar

I knew we’d meet again another time another place Can’t believe it’s been so many years You’d better grab a chair and a couple of beers Lookin’ good in

Nobody Knows Me Like You – Phil Vassar

It wouldn’t be true I’d be half the man that I am, oh nobody knows me like you So many troubles in this crazy, crazy world And sometimes it’s

Ultimate Love – Phil Vassar

Never walked across the moon Never been to Casa Blanca But I’ve been to Cancun I’ll never make the Fortune 500 On what I get paid Please don’t pity