Performer PITBULL

Oye Baby – Pitbull

Mi salsa es caliente! (my salsa is hot!) Mi cuerpo pide – oye! (my body wants – listen!) Mi cuerpo pide – oye! (my body wants – listen!) Oye

Mr Right Now (feat. Akon) – Pitbull

Hello, my name is not Mr. Right but you can be my missis tonight I know we’re only fooling around, I’m never gonna be your Mr. Right But I’ma

International Love (feat Claude Kelly) – Pitbull

You put it down like New York City I never sleep! Wild like Los Angeles My fantasy! Hotter than Miami I feel the heat! Ohh, Miss International love Ohh,

Ay Chico – Pitbull

Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over

Fuego – Pitbull

Oh, I already see what it is He thinks he’s a gangsta Mr. Collipark! You think you gangsta cause you did time Well listen here gangsta, don’t cross

Raindrops – Pitbull

Pitbull this dedicated to everybody who lost somebody important in their life, dont worry their in a better place now. (Anjuli Stars) I fear not what the future holds

Sticky Icky – Pitbull

Hey Jim Jones, Let’s Show These Boys How It Really Goes Down Hey Lil Jon, U Know What We Tell These Boys When They Campin Out Wit

Back Up – Pitbull

Woo Yeah Pitbull Db Big star Oh, oh Haters in the club (back up) Gold diggers (back up) Broke niggas (back up) I suggest, I suggest that you

Mujeres – Pitbull

Mujere loca mujere rica mujere linda mujere latina… Mujere, girls, a mi me encanta la mujere, girls, en la manana la mujere, girl, y por la noche la Mujeres

Be Quiet – Pitbull

Shakespeare Mr. 305 This is to them boys that be in the club that talk a whole lot of nothing Shhh… Be quiet Keep it cool, you don’t

Pause – Pitbull

No we know you can’t come back, Cause you look so right, cause you look so right Now come here, stop, drop it, pause Now come here, stop,

Tu Cuerpo (feat. Jencarlos) – Pitbull

Mucho gusto Acercate un poquito me introdusco tu… tu… tu… tu… Esa carita tan sensual que ami… que ami… me provoca besar Desconecta de este mundo Ven y te

Something For The Dj’s – Pitbull

… baby get here, yeah! … now all my ladies, yeah! Go ahead get sexy, yeah! And if you’re sexy and you know it say oh yeah! And if

Daddy’s Little Girl – Pitbull

That has been stripped of their innocences She was daddy’s little girl But no matter what they kept their head up And this is my way to say thank

I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Pitbull

Its Mr. 305 checkin’ in for the remix, you know that S 75 Street Brazil? Well this year gon be called Calle Ocho, Hahahaha Que ola cata, Que ola

Can’t Stop Me Now – Pitbull

Money got ya tongue tied It’s a slow ride Up til your going down Funny how your friends lie It’s a landslide When You Wear The crown Give

Born N Raised (feat. DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy & Rick Ross) – Pitbull

Born and Raised in the County of Dade (ahhhh) Born and Raised, Born Born and Raised, Born and Raised in the County of Dade. DJ Khaled!

Across The World – Pitbull

I’m tryin to make music for the world you feel me right, B. O. B? So this what we came up with. I got up today And my flight

We Don’t Care Bout Ya – Pitbull

Que Vuelta? Di le nota (Di le nota) You know who it is For all these bustas and haters We don’t care about yo clique We don’t care

Un Poquito – Pitbull

It’s ya boy and Pitbull All my dogs say “Make money, money Make money, money, money” (Make money, money) (Make money, money, money) All my ladies say “Take money