Performer PLUS ONE

Under The Influence – Plus One

*Nate* Whenever I’m feeling down Feelin insecure I like the way You come around And offer me the cure You know exactly what to say The pieces fall in

When Your Spirit Gets Weak – Plus One

We beg to borrow We beg to steal We beg forgiveness We beg to feel We beg for love I guess we beg for hate We beg for everything

Calling Down An Angel – Plus One

*Nate* You’re afraid, it’s all come down to this place where dreams have fallen to the ground just look up, you’ll make it through Cause there’s a heavenly Being

I Will Rescue You – Plus One

When your days are dark And your nights are cold When you’ve just about Lost all your faith When your will is gone And your heart is torn, ‘Cause

Here In My Heart – Plus One

I’ll see you in my dreams wherever I go tomorrow You’ll be here next to me And though we are a world apart I know you’ll never be that

Soul Tattoo – Plus One

I just know that I’ve never felt like this And I know it’s because You exist in my life Like hope shining bright Through the stormy skies And that’s

The Promise – Plus One

I know that lately Things have been so hard and looking out Through your broken heart All you can see is dark And lonely days ahead But remember Jesus

Who Am I – Plus One

*Jason* Who am I That You know me by name That You call me friend Invite me in To be with You *Nate* I don’t know why You love

Use Me – Plus One

Use me, teach me Use me (yeah) teach me *Jeremy* Love look what you’ve done to me Not a sound snuck up on me Double take and I’m turned

Forever – Plus One

*Jeremy* I lost you in the darkness when I fell from the light I held onto the world too tight I thought I’d never find you I thought I’d

Run To You – Plus One

Sometimes when the world Gets so cold And my HEART Is fifteen below And I feel like I’m So far from home I run to you When life doesn’t

I Don’t Care – Plus One

Could it be yesterday I coulda swore the same thing happened just the other day Put on the spot Now what am I gonna say If I tell them

Let Me Be The One – Plus One

Under the silver stars Anywhere you are Near or far you are close to me When you don’t understand And when you think nobody cares I’ll be the friend

My Life – Plus One

Wanna go with me? Do I have to wear A Shirt and tie? We can take a limousine But everybody there will Ask us why! Ain’t nothin’ wrong We

Written On My Heart – Plus One

Thinking how it might have been If you had never walked into my life I would have been nothing Without you where would I be Every moment used to

Last Flight Out – Plus One

I’m so scared that you will see All the weakness inside of me I’m so scared of letting go That the pain I’ve hid will show I know you

Camouflage – Plus One

*Nate* What is this force around me Just like a tracker beam that is always pulling me down And when Ever I get the chance to To spill my

Going Crazy – Plus One

I gave my life away Now it’s time to play Gotta live by the choice I’ve made This is what I choose If I don’t want to lose And

Be – Plus One

Ty Lacey, Bradley Spalter, Michael Norfleet If the tears Should ever cloud your eyes If the rain Should ever darken The skies above you You’ll be alright ‘Cause I’m

Kick Me – Plus One

*Chorus* Why can’t you be there for me A friend is nowhere to be found I just don’t understand why you Kick me when I’m down You think it’s