Performer POCO

I’ll Be Back Again – Poco

I picked up my things and I said goodbye Mmmm, I did it with such a sigh Walked outside, tirned my eyes to the window pane Yeah, saw you

Another Time Around – Poco

Did you hear that telephone ring? You’d better get ready and pack your things It’s time to be going out again Kiss the ladies goodbye, wipe the tears From

Keep On Tryin’ – Poco

I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout All the times you told me You’re so ful of doubt You just can’t let it be But I know If you keep comin’ back

Just Like Me – Poco

Everybody says you look like a dove I agree I think I know what they’re thinkin’ of But every time they tell me you don’t know how to love

Blue Water – Poco

Take the water blue water Can you see how far it is from flowin’ free Can we let it just be Without a feelin’ of bein’ just a little

Just For Me And You – Poco

Wish that I could come With the mornin’ sun Shinin’ through your window I could be the one To open up your day Ooh, words can’t begin to say

Susannah – Poco

Susannah there was peace between our fathers How we ceased lo be a bother We would run together in the morning light And separate until the cool of night

Skatin’ – Poco

Taking it easy Wasting my time everywhere I go Then you try to please me Telling me things I already know Think I’m going on a vacation Slippin’ on

Restrain – Poco

Get on down off your ladder Come out from the rain Can’t you see that there’s no one to blame And I got that feelin’ That we’re playin’ the

Hurry Up – Poco

Here I sit with like The day has got no hours I feel it kinda easy, tho’ ’cause I’m lazy It’s a good day for showers So, don’t worry

Western Waterloo – Poco

There he goes he’s a trader, moving On through the virgin land. Got the word from the government that it’s Too late for a lowly man, to make a

Find Out In Time – Poco

Ain’t it funny how a good day flies – when you’re high Makes you feel you’re so together – you don’t know why It’s such a difference from days

Whatever Happened To Your Smile – Poco

You said you’d walk up to me any day You’d come a laughing all the while. You’d sit by me and we’d talk about today. whatever happened to your

A Right Along – Poco

All you cowboys and your ladies Take your boots off, they’ll drive you crazy When you come to town take a look around Yes, you’re off of your horse,

Hear That Music – Poco

I don’t know why the sun don’t shine Just listen to my music all the time And I don’t know why people pass me by Just to sitting here

Just Call My Name – Poco

Just call my name Baby can’t you see something’s wrong? Ain’t it a shame All those old time feeling’s gone? Right or wrong I know it takes us all

Hard Luck – Poco

Here it comes, another heartache Bringing me pain and misery It’s peekin’ ’round the bend sayin’ “;Hey my friend, sit down, and keep me company.”; Always seems to me

Let’s Dance Tonight – Poco

Slippin’ away headin’ out to L. A. Gonna sing in city tonight, tonight Slippin’ away headin’ out to L. A. Gonna sing in city tonight This rock ‘n’ roll

I Guess You Made It – Poco

There you was a-standin’ with your feelings hurt Who was to blame? Oh no, it can’t be you, You’re much too cool to scar your name. Ah, what you

The Storm – Poco

Look at all the raindrops fall from the sky tonight Just so many teardrops searchin’ for a place to hide Fallin’ from the dark clouds descendin’ on their way