Performer POLICE

Demolition Man – Police

Tied to the tracks and the train’s just coming Strapped to the wing with the engine running You say that this wasn’t in your plan And don’t mess around

Does Everyone Stare – Police

I change my clothes ten times before I take you on a date I’m in a cold sweat, I panic, and it makes me late I knew you never

Tea In The Sahara – Police

Have this wish before we die And it may sound strange As if our minds are deranged Please don’t ask us why Beneath the sheltering sky We have this

Every Breath You Take – Police

Every move you make Every band you break Every step you take I’ll be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night

So Lonely – Police

Well someone told me yesterday That when you throw your love away You act as if you don’t care You look as if you’re going somewhere But I just

Can’t Stand Losing You – Police

Words and music Sting I’ve called you so many times today And I guess it’s all true what your girlfriends say That you don’t ever want to see me

Invisible Sun – Police

(One, two, three, four, five, six Oh oh oh oh oh oh) I don’t want to spend the rest of my life Looking at the barrel of an Armalite

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da – Police

Words and music by Sting Don’t think me unkind Words are hard to find The only cheques I’ve left unsigned >From the banks of chaos in my mind And

King Of Pain – Police

That’s my soul up there It’s the same old thing as yesterday That’s my soul up there There’s a black hat caught on a high tree top That’s my

Peanuts – Police

It’s all a game You’re not the same Your famous name The price of fame Oh no Try to liberate me I said oh no Stay and irritate me

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Police

Though I’ve tried before to tell her Of the feelings I have for her in my heart Every time that I come near her I just lose my nerve

Bombs Away – Police

The general scratches his belly and thinks His pay is good but his officers stink Guerilla girl, hard and sweet A military man would love to meet The President

When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around –

Turn on my V. C. R. Same one I’ve had for years James Brown on the Tammy show Same tape I’ve had for years I sit in my old

Hungry For You [J’aurais Toujours Faim De Toi] – Police

Rien de dormier cette nuit Je veux de toi Jusque’a` ce que je sois sec Mais nos corps sont tout mouille’s Comple’tement couvert de sueur Nous nous noyons dans

Message In A Bottle – Police

Words and music by Sting Just a castaway An island lost at sea Another lonely day With no one here but me More loneliness Than any man could bear

Canary In A Coalmine – Police

First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect Your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect You live you life like a canary in a coalmine

Synchronicity Ii – Police

Grandmother screaming at the wall We have to shout above the din of our Rice Crispies We can’t hear anything at all Mother chants her litany of boredom and

Driven To Tears – Police

How can you say that your not responsible? What does it have to do with me? What is my reaction, what should it be? Confronted by this latest atrocity

Miss Gradenko – Police

Don’t tell the director I said so But are you safe, Miss Gradenko? We were at a policy meeting They were planning new ways of cheating I didn’t want

Walking In Your Footsteps – Police

You walked upon the planet so Lord of all that you could see Just a little bit like me Walking in your footsteps Hey, Mr. Dinosaur, you really couldn’t