Just Doin’ My Job – Poltergeist

I just do it right I live my life under the law My life is not senseless I know what to do They told me what I’m living for

Depression – Poltergeist

Time is all it needs Rising from your soul This feeling will take control Thinkin’ ’bout suicide The preacher says “this is not right” But everything is going wrong

Nothing Lasts Forever – Poltergeist

No one knows the truth Come and face reality It will be better for you Nothing lasts forever Pain and misery Soon it’s getting better Don’t stop until you’re

Grey – Poltergeist

Why you have to stay at home Everyday the same old staffy room He tells you the same old story If you go out you’ll be sick tonight Then

Inner Space – Poltergeist

Look inside your inner space See, there are so many ways I’m creeping in my mind To see what I can find I come across my sins See, it’s

Writing On The Wall – Poltergeist

It’s burning bright The pungent smoke comes near Turn up the radio And listen to Don’t know what’s happening here They say “Don’t Fear” It’s so harmless Everything is

We Are The People – Poltergeist

The years have past so fast Many tried to change something Impossible in the past But now that there are beter days And we have changed a lot We

Only You Remain – Poltergeist

Your dreams they all came true You’ve reached everything Everything that man can do You kept your promises Never you have failed If something was not right Your money

Act Of Violence – Poltergeist

The only place you rule Here you’re a king No one else can be You know the rules of this game And you know it is all true he

Chato’s Land – Poltergeist

For what he’s done They don’t want to ley him flee They call him a bastard For what he’s done He shot the sheriff down now he’s dead Twelve

Three Hills – Poltergeist

I know a place There are three hills Ever since I live They’re watching me They’re watching you And they always admonish They were there In a time long

Delusion – Poltergeist

They’ll come upon us all If we want change Maybe they are too strong If you wait Our chance is getting small Then they are right And suddenly you’re

Behind My Mask – Poltergeist

My eyes are burning They’re fire and pain And they show me the world so unreal Can’t you see My mind is running I’m almost insane Nothing makes sense

You’ve Learned Your Lesson – Poltergeist

You had no aid, no helping hand Just hate and pain was all you’ve learned You never asked, never said one word Someday you will Pay back what you

Drilled To Kill – Poltergeist

The thing which you’re fighting for But you know how to kill Since your dad Has sold you to them, your life’s changed You have to do what they

Those Were Better Days – Poltergeist

You’ve got the same question You know it is a problem for you You don’t need An excuse for growing older But memories can be so cruel Forever You

Tell Me – Poltergeist

Is what they pray Cut your hair Be one of us Is what they say No indiduality Just all the same Show no more colours It has to be

Make Your Choice – Poltergeist

What this all means Did you ever sk Why this all seems so meaningless Will you ever Know the truth Will you always Take the rough with the smooth

Shooting Star – Poltergeist

Through the dark empty space Look to the sky Death has so many faces Soon I will burn In the earth’s atmosphere See my life pass Asking me why

You’ve Seen Your Future – Poltergeist

About the evil enemy You didn’t doubt a single word So you went for them to war One single bullet broke your back Paralysis is now your curse Now