Endangered Species – Pop Da Brown Hornet

No matter what you may say to the contrary No matter what you may say to the contrary If you are guilty of feeding false hopes Procrastination. Nigga

The Undaground Emperor – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Yo, I’m The Undaground Emperor My albums for every body on the planet This is hip hop right here NYC, from outta Shaolin, New York We bring you, The

Wantz & Needs – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Yeah they be tellin me They be tellin me they want it all They want rings, they want cars Warrants, lease, cover a lot of area Homes, they want

Stand Up – Pop Da Brown Hornet

What’s goin on world? It’s Pop Da Brown Hornet Chillin wit Black, Blackstreet, Chauncey This song is dedicated to, inspired by Brother of mine, Poo Johnson My love baby,

Sun Neva Chill – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Oh shit, it’s the Phantom baby With the Brown Bomber, baby Smoke Records, muthafucka MCA, 2000, uh-huh It’s only Pop and I’m hangin MC’s like

Follow Me Up – Pop Da Brown Hornet

I love my microphone clear, ice cold beer, premiere My news and sweet, nothing’s in ya ear I treat them like they outta be treated Like they want their

Hold Ground – Pop Da Brown Hornet

This is the part, we shake the charts And rock the people Shake the ground Brakes ya self for the one two punch I hit

Black On Black Crime – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Yeah, yeah Gon’ keep that spectacular, free shit Knowhatimean? Put a condom in ya ear, I’m bout to make love to it I’m not sure,

I’m Soooo… – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Earth shatterin’, there’s no comparison Your style embarrassing, stiffer than a mannequin As for me, I keep the crowd ecstatic Like they on the mess static, we train keep

One Shot Deal – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Eh yo, yo, you got one shot, one shot One at a time man, don’t be floodin the mic Word up, but you got to keep it real Cuz

Follow Me Up (Marley Marl Remix) – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Yeah *cough cough cough* yeah This is that muthafuckin Undaground hip hop right here Baby (Smoke Records muthafucker) We got my man Bon Benzi right here Blastin ya in

No More Mr. Nice Guy – Pop Da Brown Hornet

Aiyo, got ya muthafucka seein stars (Brown Hornet, Pop) Blastin muthafuckas out the muthafuckin box (Out the box) Shake rattle & roll, ratters than ya