Performer POPA WU

I Like To Ride It – Popa Wu

Niggas, where my thug niggas? Where my real niggas? Where them real niggas? I like to ride it, ride it You like my body, body You

Red Rum – Popa Wu

Babyface, here’s the rum to get the party started Delta got the 4-4 and now we on guardin We walk with heat, ain’t nothin sweat on the streets If

Prepare For The Buddha Monk – Popa Wu

Get prepared for the Buddha Monk You wanna get high? Roll up the skunk Ladies and gentlemen.. Yo, turn this shit up, man Turn the

Sundown – Popa Wu

Yo, what’s up? The fuck is the deal? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ShaCronz, the high Juan With my affiliates, U. K. All day, and y’all fucked up now What?

Back Of The Church – Popa Wu

Turn up my mic a little bit, so I won’t have to scream Turn up my mic a little bit, so I won’t have to scream, Buddha Word, aight,

Never Shit Where You Eat – Popa Wu

Make money, money, make money, money, money Take money, money, take money, money, money Never shit where you eat, never admit defeat We never got beaten,

Gangster Theme – Popa Wu

Gangsta niggas, what Gangsta bitches, what Gangsta killas, what Gangsta niggas, what Straight gangsta bitches Gangsta bitches, what Gangsta killas, what Uh, Brooklyn is where we come from,

Life Of A Gangster – Popa Wu

Ya niggas better fall back, show me a heart, where it’s all at Take it back to the streets where it’s raw to the core, black Break a law,

How It Goes – Popa Wu

Yo, yo, yo (5X) Yeah, yeah, La the Darkman 8th Wonder, top of the world, nigga Yeah, sing sing, peach playin ass niggas Killas, yeah Uh, uh, uh, uh,

You’re My Everything – Popa Wu

You’re my everything (15X) (Dedicated, to my everything That’s to you, you know who you are boo You’re my everything, yo) She had a man, but I

Simply Ludicrous – Popa Wu

I keep hearin footsteps in the dark And Killa, Killa, Killa, Killa in the S-sharp Christbearer the mind arch, a West Coast hip-hop shark You muthafuckin mark, I

Three Amigos (If It’s On) – Popa Wu

Say what? Ain’t no pushin Say what? None of that shit goin on Yo Made from the best shit on Earth I bring it to ya first,

Come One, Come All – Popa Wu

Yeah yeah (yo) Turn my mic up, one two East Coast Gangsters (straight Brooklyn right here) (East Coast Gangster, East Coast Gangster) Come to let ya niggas know One

Who’s Got Game? – Popa Wu

Yo, Don Chulo (that nigga got a problem with the Don Chulo) Les Ness, 2 G’s (got, you heard) Flatbush, Park Side, 225 (what?) Why I feel

New Improved – Popa Wu

Yo, what? What? Run kid, run! You should break North for thinkin with your’s Send out track signed sincerely hardcore Throw you in a choke hold hoe, I smack

I Ain’t Playin No More – Popa Wu

Uh, see this right here This is for niggas who think I’m playin I’m not playin no more I’m leavin niggas on the floor What the fuck you expect?