Performer POSIES

Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself) – Posies

But I can save your life if you allow me to Remember the time right before you became Something too despicable to even name? I can relate, I went

Like Me Too – Posies

I’m not too sure I understand the tactful planning That I must endure But you call me immature because I’m too sensitive to your insensitivity I had the audacity

Please Return It – Posies

Now, now is the time Time to reckon Time to beckon, be surprised Like a letter I just sent it, please return it, just forget it When we live

Grow – Posies

And was alone He held his hand and felt it grow He had become A gyroscope All wound inside and no control And all the tiny tendrils How they

Solar Sister – Posies

Mute it to a whisper And spin your solar sister And magnet will deliver An arrow from her quiver I’ll call you sister Carrie but you’ll never hear it

Everybody Is A Fucking Liar – Posies

Everybody is a fucking liar Time and time again Whoever’s in the room is your friend Everybody is a fucking liar There’s no mercy here A mercy killing of

Burn And Shine – Posies

And keep your spirit clean For this is not a dress rehersal Junior Phoenix With your ash-filled eyes Who will harbor your misfortune Your mother says your father says

Coming Right Along – Posies

Watch the twilight starve the sun Shuffle home against the darkness Turn the key and bite your tongue And please be strong You don’t know it but you’re coming

Fall Song – Posies

And I was feeling dirty ‘Til now Now witness me silent Now I’ve got over thirty Good reasons to live It’s too nice to breathe No longer I’m embarrassed

Will You Ever Ease Your Mind? – Posies

Will you ever ease your mind? Will you ever wake to find your burden less? Will you ever please your mind? Will you ever please your mind? Will you

What Little Remains – Posies

But to say that I’m responsible would be a mistake What do I have to do To prove myself to you In a manner of speaking You’ve taken all

Any Other Way – Posies

I dropped my head and hid my tears with laughter (You know that) life’s never been a great mystery to me It begins, then crawls slowly to the end

Under Easy – Posies

What you go through Is just too much to handle For a person like you Seems that whatever you take is way too much That whatever you give is

Precious Moments – Posies

The endless foil You’ll never see your home again Everytime you dial that phone It rings like it’s got no end Life, what precious moments Like a flood that

Everyone Moves Away – Posies

And if they did, they’de surely resurrect their trust Promises were made to break and the family kept its end And now your answer, my friend, Is blowing in

When Mute Tongues Can Speak – Posies

And relate their need I make fun of skins laying in a dark room In a piglet’s eye If the dream had wings Then the nest of feathers could

Song #1 – Posies

Talking on the phone at night You never tell me why When it all goes down And you know shit gets around And rumors are true I’ll never have

I May Hate You Sometimes – Posies

Maybe longer Yes it’s true–I’m no good at being the strong man You’re stronger But I think–maybe you should take a good look At my feelings Can’t you see–I’m

At Least For Now – Posies

Saturday is close behind Then you sleep in Sunday morning Monday back out on the line Bitter friends go passing by you They pretend that you’re not there It’s

Fight It (if You Want) – Posies

But I get as scared as any and I wish it wasn’t so And I don’t like it any more than you do But you’d better hold in spite