Song Uncombined – Posies

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You’ll be let down, ’cause
Sometimes they deceive you
I sensed that you cared about me
But it was hallucinatory
I was in a euphoric state
What a mistake

Love is senseless as any other sense
It’s a dangerous missile from which
There’s no defense
You can’t understand it ’cause you don’t have the mind
You’re better off uncombined

Than combined with a friend who betrays your frail trust
Combined with a love who soon becomes to someone else’s lust
Combined with a priest who doesn’t know what he believes
Stay uncombined ‘lest you be stuck with one of these

You can rely on someone else’s judgement
But that’s not that wise ’cause
We’ve all got our own eyes
I judged that your innocence
Was your best form of defense
Then I found out the judge was on the take
What a mistake


Than combined with a teacher who resents you ’cause your young
Combined with a parent who resents you ’cause you have fun
Combined with a girl who’s always got what she wants
Combined with a boy who hasn’t yet–stay away from these

Who will betray you, you wouldn’t pay you
To be yourself
And when they lay in fields to retire you
Who will take of their help? (I think these lines are wrong. –W.)

I can’t relate just how unimportant
All the important things are
‘Cause when your heart is open
It closes with a scar
I know that you can hear me
And you don’t like what I’m saying
There’s no trusting just for trusting’s sake
What a mistake


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