Midnight Execution – Postmortem (russian)

And the snowstorm breaks the window And you are alone in the church Extinguishing candles, we are coming to you Wait for the midnight execution Wait for your flesh

Souls Tyranny – Postmortem (russian)

The world is mutilated People are disfigured too Powers of evil are coming Nobody saves – that’s true Hell’s force is everywhere No clear souls Who has created us

Mentally Insane – Postmortem (russian)

The diabols wheep, to loose selfcontrol My screaming life, the sacrifice to kill Innocent death, I am the beast again Come out to the honour fight I will show

Blowing Waves – Postmortem (russian)

Cold northern winds And the holy might of icy waves It is the great Baltic Sea Your midnight fear of death Unfinished grave Waiting for next sacrifices Thousands of

No Peace – Postmortem (russian)

Peace is impossible in eternal war We are living in death Fucking god made us so, no peace The mad savage mind of the human race Creates the hell

Raise Your Sword – Postmortem (russian)

United whole my sword and I Enemies will lie upon the raw bloody ground Where fighting was and will be again Eternal struggle with tearful life But here’s no