Private Man – Powderfinger

I tell you he’s a private man In a public circumstance He’s eyeing up an old door frame * Looking for a drastic change It’s such a shame this

Grave Concern – Powderfinger

Never seen nobody with hopes so high Uneasy feeling creeping up on me Justify a weary trinity And I can hardly contain my joy Let me hear just a

My Kind Of Scene – Powderfinger

supposed to begin an unhappy life working some kind of dead end job for everything you thought you had has gone from worse to bad Lean to the side

Skinny Jean – Powderfinger

You better think twice about the soy milk drink babe You got a patent handbag and solid state rags You wont think twice about the bill will you baby

Up & Down & Back Again – Powderfinger

From in the water deep Careful now don’t lose your aim The road ahead is clear again I haven’t found it yet You drift away so slow In the

Passenger – Powderfinger

You hold so tight until your knuckles show Escape As far away as you could ever know You sink them all down And watch them float up Until the

Thrilloilogy – Powderfinger

There’s a secret that dissolves So many pieces still unsolved You’re not quite who you think you are Can see the symptoms from afar I’m hosing down your shooting

Don’t Wanna Be Left Out – Powderfinger

I’ve no dedication to my medication I’m otherwise occupied An ambitious plan to bring attention to myself A cerebral hitman permeates my mental health But I don’t want to

Tail – Powderfinger

Come and relieve the friends that I keep They’re sick of me Small minded creed blisters and weeps Swallow the shit that jealousy feeds And choke on it And

(Return Of) The Electric Horseman – Powderfinger

Under my hand as no one’s seen Bent to the will of the others Strange kind of day to discover That all seasons fail and recover Don’t tie the

This Syrup To Exchange – Powderfinger

His teeth are furred And cleanse with hands to hunt and hold The sun divides Imagined leaves A shelter while I sleep There are many years To cloud my

Celebrity Head – Powderfinger

My plus one decides to make her arrival I’ll say what I like At the end of the night for social survival I’ll cut you to size Then apologise