Andromreda Heights – Prefab Sprout

Above the clouds, next to the sky And after our labours the stars will be neighbours We’ll take our place with them in space We’re not using concrete or

When Love Breaks Down – Prefab Sprout

But often we’re apart Absence makes the heart lose weight, yeah, Till love breaks down, love breaks down Oh my, oh my, have you seen the weather The sweet

Don’t Sing – Prefab Sprout

The burden of love is so strange. The stubborn beast and the priest, are hiding from the captians. The burden of love is so plain. Are they happy to

The Ice Maiden – Prefab Sprout

You wish to know my name I’m the Ice Maiden I think perhaps you like being unhappy I’m the Ice Maiden – The limit of your dreams Arctic winds

Hey Manhattan! – Prefab Sprout

The Brooklyn Bridge stretches below me A billion souls all dying to know me Well here I am! Loaded with promise And knee deep in grace What I want

One Of The Broken – Prefab Sprout

Talking to me used to be a simple affair Moses only had to see a burning bush And he’d pull up a chair Well it’s been a long time

Pearly Gates – Prefab Sprout

Someone somewhere wants to steal it Pray each night you’ll catch the thief But while you sleep he comes and takes it Does that make you think little girl?

Weightless – Prefab Sprout

He was the first man in funky bass… space Somewhere among the stars tonight my heart Floats like a Russian satellite Weightless – love is a pure sensation Weightless

Jesse James Symphony – Prefab Sprout

‘Til the day they fold his arms across his chest He’s a long way from the cradle And his Ma’s authority But it only seems a minute Since he

Cue Fanfare – Prefab Sprout

“;Sweet Mary”; and “;Running to Me”;. The sweet sweet songs that cloud your eyes – nostalgia supplies. Loredo hihgstreet buried me – beneath an oak tree. As This Is

Moondog – Prefab Sprout

The heartbreak side of town The mourners all discuss The boy who caused a fuss We chopped a billion trees to print up eulogies But guys we should have

Electric Guitars – Prefab Sprout

And that flash bulbs popped the air And girls fainted, every time we shook our hair. We were songbirds, we were Greek Gods We were singled out by fate

Appetite – Prefab Sprout

Till it hears the gun She will always pay the bills For the having big fun He talks so well, what can you do, It’s pretty plain he means

Cruel – Prefab Sprout

then takes you away from me. There is no Chicago urban blues, more heartfelt than my lament for you. I’m a liberal guy, too cool for the macho ache,

Paris Smith – Prefab Sprout

Lovely name for a girl is Paris Smith Baby Paris Smith Don’t repeat my mistakes Paris Smith Paris : Any music worth its salt is good for dancing Paris

The King Of Rock’n Roll – Prefab Sprout

And they’re coming round the track to haunt me. When she looks at me and laughs I remind her of the facts I’m the king of rock’n roll completely

Moving The River – Prefab Sprout

But you’re only good as The last great thing you did And where’ve you been since then Did the schedule get you down I hear you’ve got a new

Technique – Prefab Sprout

Her husband works in Jodrell Bank, he’s home late in the morning, had he been a lawyer, he wouldn’t work for pennies. In the morning I go walking, it

Bonny – Prefab Sprout

I’m lost in heaven and I’m lost to earth Didn’t give you minutes not even moments All my life in a tower of foil Shaded feelings, don’t believe you

Jordan: The Comeback – Prefab Sprout

Sometimes the way it moves looks plain berserk But two things you should be slow to criticize A mans choice of woman and his choice of work Some work’ll