Call Me – Pretty Ricky

Girl I make you say (Oh!) You make me say (Oh!) Girl you make me say (Oh) Girl I make you say (Oh!) You make me say (Oh!)

Playhouse – Pretty Ricky

Let’s play Yeah this ya boy Pleasure, Baby Blue, Slick ‘Em, Spectacular and we are Pretty Ricky… We can play house and touch, touch Lay you on the

Can’t Live Without You – Pretty Ricky

It’s 4 O’clock in the morning. And she ain’t feeling right. I’m on a first class trip. Through this place called life. I don’t know what to do. Cuz

Grill ‘Em – Pretty Ricky

We, we, we dem, we dem, we dem Blue Stars We, we, we dem, we dem, we dem Blue Stars We, we, we dem, we dem, we dem Blue

Juicy – Pretty Ricky

See the lust in your eye I know you cant hide it And your walk and your vibe Make me wanna try it Like a ‘lac spinning rims I

Chevy – Pretty Ricky

26’s on my chevy (my chevy) Chrome on my chevy (my chevy) Candy on my chevy (my chevy) Blades on my chevy (oooh) Dudes on my chevy (my chevy)

Shorty Be Mine – Pretty Ricky

You qo qurl with your thon, thon, thon, thonqz Sexy black come over here And let me put a few love buzzes in your ear You smiled at me

Nothing But A Number – Pretty Ricky

Artist(Band):Pretty Ricky Review The Song (0) Print the Lyrics Nothing But A Number Lyrics 100% Legal MP3 Downloads Send Pretty Ricky polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone It aint

Never Let You Go – Pretty Ricky

Baby girllll (Baby girl take ya time) Baby girl take ya time (baby girl take ya time) Please don’t rush and go (don’t rush and go) I can never

Grind With Me – Pretty Ricky

Baby grind with me Relax your mind take your time with me I love you deeper if ride for me Now come and kiss me till yo body gets

I Want You (Girlfriend) – Pretty Ricky

You’ll Be My Girlfriend And I’ll be you boyfriend lets make it official, cause I want you Girl You’ll be my girlfriend And I’ll be your boyfriend Lets

Get A Little Closer – Pretty Ricky

Freak you in my whip baby just relax Lick it from the front hit ya from the back Freak you in my whip baby just relax Can we get

Your Body – Pretty Ricky

Yes sir Yes sir Yes sir I got new shoes on the ride (yes sir) Rollin’ down 95 (yes sir) And you can see in my eyes (yes

Get You Right – Pretty Ricky

Baby let me lay ya down On the carpet when I come round Forget rubbers when I tear ya down On the ground all I wanna hear is that