Rip Off Train – Pretty Things

Searching through the wet streets Looking for a rock ‘n’ roll band Caught the rip off train to freedom A line of agents holding out their hand Work your

Love Is Good – Pretty Things

But I didn’t know if I should try She was just a lonely girl But I didn’t know just which way she’d fly Over by the corner now she

I’m Calling – Pretty Things

Uncovering investigations And I like that You were born on another planet In words of the man I think you have it, And I want some Well every time

Maybe You Tried – Pretty Things

You really keep your ice-cream cold Mine’s melting in my hand, I don’t understand, I guess you never could have been told. You want to be a star Yes

Baron Saturday – Pretty Things

Sorrow, he’ll show you games to play He bends his mouth up to your ear The words won’t disappear He’ll take your eyes out for a ride Through an

Lost That Girl – Pretty Things

I bought myself some blue suede shoes I took down my suit and I pressed it. I shook up my body, and I lost that girl. Well I made

Singapore Silk Torpedo – Pretty Things

Tattooed on my chest, is the girl I love best. Back in 1954, on leave in old Singapore I was soaking in gin, when Miss Foxy walked in. She’s

Trust – Pretty Things

Away from an eye that sees there’s nothing left to trust Finding that their minds are grey And there’s no sorrow in the world that’s left to trust. Sitting

Bitter End – Pretty Things

But honey the strain I’m under, it’s ruining my health When we first met as lovers, we walked together hand in hand But now that bridge of love has

Miss Fay Regrets – Pretty Things

Platinum to feel lady, Eyes are just two heavy stones, Someone, spilt the glass, And you’re ageing much too fast, And, you say that you’ve been left alone. You’re

Bracelets Of Fingers – Pretty Things

These are a few of the things I find joy. Bracelets of Fingers since I was a boy. Fly to the moon and I’ll get there quite soon. If

It’s So Hard – Pretty Things

She says get up honey your eyes are really red It’s those late nights that you’re keeping with your pals She says get down to the pub, give me

Joey – Pretty Things

Wouldn’t you be mine Wouldn’t I always want the things you are Every day or year It’s got to be a dream, yes it is, yes it is, It’s

Remember That Boy – Pretty Things

When the silence simply roars, You’re so attached to what you’re holding now, But can you prove it yours? You’re the saviour of the drowning moon, The bringer of

Falling Again – Pretty Things

Where the moonlight’s on the sleeping sea A pretty girl stood there at the bus stop She said hey Johnny come and see about me. She said Doop Doop.

Havana Bound – Pretty Things

Feeling so sick I couldn’t say When the cat next to me Said let’s take it down to Cuba way Well his manner wasn’t nice But his hand grenades

Drowned Man – Pretty Things

It’s like dancing on glass. You and your razor blade assistant, Carved the lies right from the past. But they offered you such miracles, You who have been handling

Edge Of The Night – Pretty Things

The hour’s late and not a soul on the street, As I stood alone there, at the edge of the night. With all your wisdom, you had gone to

Atlanta – Pretty Things

Atlanta airport driver please Lockheed Tristar, runway four Don’t you know I hate to leave. Lazy Acres, five slow days That Georgia farm gave me release Tequila Sunrise lay

Office Love – Pretty Things

The morning screamed, neath the traffic’s feet The razor burned commuters reflections It didn’t seem a visual treat. The office staff begin the humdrum Making the hours and the