Formula One – Primal Fear

Acceleration – my body’s pressed into the seat Fascination – pipes are glowing in the heat Am I the fastest one can I improve Making a late run I

Eye Of An Eagle – Primal Fear

There Are Stories Told, Nobody Wants To Believe it There Are Reports, With Facts That It Must Be True Something Flew Out From The Clouds And It Smoked And

Living For Metal – Primal Fear

They Were Comin’ To Our City With A Wall Of Energy Got Their Records And Went Crazy This Is How It’s Gotta Be This Heavy Sound Has Got Into

Bleed For Me – Primal Fear

The Night Was Dark, The Horizon Was Far I Felt The Wind In My Face After The Rain, When Death Embraced And I’m Waiting For The Sunrise Between Paradise

Silver & Gold – Primal Fear

Ticking like a time bomb, I knew the time was right Dead place of destruction and no paradise in sight Burning down the seven wonders, trapped in anarchy And

Nine Lives – Primal Fear

Hiding the truth, everlasting youth Runnin’ the thin line till dawn The impossible waits, the kiss of death Silence – the secret will hurt No more time to fulfill

Dollars – Primal Fear

I saw a cadillac driving to the wishing well A sweet illusion or a secret from hell I was paralyzed, kinda hypnotized And the time stood still Chorus: If

Tears Of Rage – Primal Fear

Out here alone, I will wear a thousand faces I’m still waiting, the master of disguise Can’t you hear me calling in my deepest desperation I talked to the

Thunderdome – Primal Fear

I’ve seen their faces, at different places They mingle with the crowds or hide away Two slimy creatures, suspicious features In camouflage they’re waiting to attack They start their

Final Embrace – Primal Fear

I came back tonight From the field of the fight They collected parts of death A dimension unknown I heared screams `till the dawn What’s the sence behind this

Red Rain – Primal Fear

Do You Feel I’m Far Away, Please Don’t Wait, Well It’s Too Late You Don’t See Me – I Believe You Should Awake There’s No More Creeping, There’s No

Nuclear Fire – Primal Fear

Bursting Metal – Chroming Eagles In The Night In A Flying Battle – Fighting Monsters Side By Side Into The Light We Are Guided By Our Own Destiny Keeping

Play To Kill – Primal Fear

If you like the jeopardy and if you Have the guts You think your life is boring You say it drives you nuts If this is the way you

Into The Future – Primal Fear

Faster and faster, I march on my way For me there’s no limit to see Harder and harder I push to succeed I live at the highest degree Too

Promised Land – Primal Fear

In time of greed and jealousy When clouds fulfill the sky The rain will fall It’s hding the tears from my eyes A trip right into fantasy The colours

Kiss Of Death – Primal Fear

Your tragedy was to believe me I had bad feelengs for your relief You try to offend me, in your selfish way My agony was not a reason to

Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove – Primal Fear

Every Night I Dream The Same Old Frightning Nightmare Calling Out For Answers No One Can Explain. Voices In The Distance, Can Not Understand Them Faces Look At Me,

Battalions Of Hate – Primal Fear

Blood is running down the street The war’s still going on The soldiers are marching to the beat They never will come home Fear and terror mutilate Your personality

Now Or Never – Primal Fear

I Never Meant To Hurt You I Just Let You Know You’re The Only One And Deep In The Night I Could Not Believe It However I’ve Trust In

When The Night Comes – Primal Fear

This night I died a thousand times I had some doubts, saw into her eyes Her gipsy heart just beats in pain I hold her hand We walk through