Come Together – Primal Scream

Come together oh oh Come together oh oh Come together oh oh Come together Kiss me, won’t you won’t you kiss me Won’t you won’t you kiss me Lift

Lone Star Girl – Primal Scream

Wendy Wendy you move me You are precious Your soul’s not up for auction Oh Wendy, oh Wendy You’re way beyond the ways of violence Nothing can look through

Insect Royalty – Primal Scream

Few reach the soul Jagged metal bad life Few reach the soul I’m a host, i’m a host, i’m a host, i’m a host To the sucker disease Parasites,

Swastika Eyes – Primal Scream

You dark the sun you Rain down fire on everyone Scabs, police, government thieves Venal psychic amputees Parasitic your syphilitic Parasitic your syphilitic Swastika eyes You got Swastika eyes

She Power – Primal Scream

When I see your electric smile I don’t believe in God or Original Sin I only wanna touch and taste your skin I get the vampire blues when I

Funky Jam – Primal Scream

Oohh, oohh, get a little funky now Oohh, oohh, get a little funky Oohh, oohh, get a little funky, now Get it any way you want it You can

Give Out But Don’t Give Up – Primal Scream

Give out but don’t you give up (Repeat) When I’m feelin’ down Your love is a pick-me-up And what comes around went that way And when I’m not feeling

Rocks – Primal Scream

Thieves keep thievin’ Whores keep whorin’ Junkies keep scorin’ Trade is on the meat rack Strip joints full of hunchbacks Bitches keep bitchin’ Clap keeps itchin’ Ain’t no use

I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have – Primal Scream

I know you know I’ve been lyin’ Please stop crying I know your love for me is dying There ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do To get myself back close

Keep Your Dreams – Primal Scream

Can burn your soul away There’s no release from nothingness When love has gone away Stuck in acid, you will rust Time will turn your bones to dust I

Medication – Primal Scream

Everyone’s a liar and a thief If the cancer don’t The taxman’s gonna get you It the women don’t The doctors let you bleed I don’t wanna hang around

Ivy Ivy Ivy – Primal Scream

I get violent feelings when I see your face You’re so warm and beautiful and soft and kind I close my eyes but you’re still shining in my head

Free – Primal Scream

Creepin’ through my soul When i’m awake and when I’m dreamin’ Just won’t leave me alone I know you’ve got another lover I know you’ve got something to hide

Jailbird – Primal Scream

Got a monkey on my back I’m gonna push and pull And howl like wolf And drive my cadillac I’ve got medication, honey I’ve got wings to fly I’ve

Pills – Primal Scream

The truth about you, Truth about you You never been true You ain’t nothin You got nothing to say Shine a light on you You fade away Fade away

Exterminator – Primal Scream

Broken eyess Claustrophobic concrete English high-rise Exterminate the underclass Exterminate the telepaths No civil disobedience No civil disobedience Incubating ultra-violent, psychic distortions Slow death injectable, narcosis terminal Damage receptors,

Kowalski – Primal Scream

In honour of the last American hero to whom Speed means freedom of the soul. The question is not when he’s gonna stop, But who is gonna stop him…

Damaged – Primal Scream

When I was feeling so fine Just you and me girl Was a beautiful time Oh yeah Said I felt so happy My my my I was through with

Accelerator – Primal Scream

Empty-headed kids are bad God I’m feeling I got a hunger I love my soul I’m satisfied Come on, come on Hit the accelerator, the accelerator Come on, come