Performer PRIMUS

The Pressman – Primus

I don’t see the sun much these days A fluorescent tan covers my hide How much impact shall I have this time? My goal today is to reac the

Welcome To This World – Primus

Of pink champagne and swimming pools Well, all you have to lose is your virginity Perhaps we’ll have some fun tonight so stick around and take a bite of

Dmv – Primus

Anyone that’s been there knows precisely what I mean Stood there and I’ve waited and choked back the urge to scream And if I had my druthers I’d screw

John The Fisherman – Primus

His mind would turn unto the waters. Always the focus of adolescent ridicule, He has no time for farmer’s daughters. Alienated from the clique society, A lonely boy finds

My Name Is Mud – Primus

Not to be confused with Bill or Jack or Pete or Dennis My name is mud and it’s always been ‘Cause I’m the most boring sons-a-bitch you’ve ever seen

Pork Soda – Primus

yourself down on burgundy couch, you know, it never really was burgundy. It was red, and you painted with the goddamn sprinkler and now you have bits and pieces