Performer PRINCE

Nothing Compares 2 U – Prince

Prince: It’s been 7 hours and 13 days Since u took your love away I go out every night and sleep all day Since u took your love away

Adore – Prince

Until the end of time I’ll be there 4 U U own my heart and mind I truly adore U If God one day stroke me blind Your beauty

When U Love Somebody – Prince

When U were at the party I was the one waitin’ by the phone When U were with somebody Now here U come again with your heart in your

Gett Off – Prince

Club mix How can I put this in a way so as not to offend or unnerve There’s a rumor goin’ all round that u ain’t been gettin’ served

The Morning Papers – Prince

Naive in every way Every schoolboy’s fanstasy she was That’s why he had 2 wait If he poured his heart into a glass And offered it like wine She

The Continental – Prince

Now bring it up and let me kick the facts And I’m gonna do ya like u wanna… I’m gonna do ya like u wanna… I’m gonna do ya

Graffiti Bridge – Prince

something 2 believe in, a reason 2 believe that there’s a heaven above everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge everybody’s looking 4 everybody’s looking 4 everybody’s looking 4 love

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic – Prince

Rave un2 the joy fantastic – rave World full of lovers, city full of good times – rave DonЎЇt go undercover, I can get U out of your mind

Purple Rain – Prince

I never meant 2 cause u any pain I only wanted 2 one time see u laughing I only wanted 2 see u laughing in the purple rain Purple

Same December – Prince

One side was black and the other one white And they both understood so little That they spent their whole lives tryin’ 2 tell each other what time it

The Latest Fashion – Prince

Fellas? Yeah! Hit Me! R we ready? I do believe we R ready! What time is it? Yount! It’s killing time, Morris! I know that’s right, ’cause I am

Acknowledge Me – Prince

{“;Down on it”; repeats in BG} Say baby, what U waitin’ on? 4 U, uh, ain’t no other fish in the sea What U waitin’ on? Acknowledge me Acknowledge

Do U Lie? – Prince

(Ok) Ok, Merci When I lie awake in my boudoir I think of u dear Do u think of me, or do u lie, do u lie? When I’m

Partyman – Prince

Lawrence…”; (oh, yeah) All hail – the new king in town Young and old, gather ’round (yeah) Black and white, red and green (funky) The funkiest man U’ve ever

Sex In The Summer – Prince

Gimme that number, we can party all night long CHORUS: Sex in the summer, gettin’ it on Gimme that number, we can party all night long Checkin’ 4 bikinis,

Play In The Sunshine – Prince

We wanna play in the sunshine We wanna be free Without the help of a Margarita or Exstacy We wanna kick like we used 2 Sign up on the

Segue (XIV) – Prince

Now remember Sledge, don’t go over 5 million (Go right in) Yo, Ted Hey Tony (Tony, nice 2 see ya man) Hey, how’s it going baby? Alright, U want

Poom Poom – Prince

PoomPoom PoomPoom PoomPoom PoomPoom PoomPoom PoomPoom Poom {x4} {Repeat phrase in chorus} 4:57 with U on the mind I’m cravin’ U so much – shit, I crave U all

Cloreen Bacon Skin – Prince

Yeah, one of them nice breezy motherfuckers Nigger. what U lookin’ 4 nigger? Oh hold it, stop Motherfucker didn’t even have the headphones on U. U. This song is

Return Of The Bump Squad – Prince

Ahh yeah Oww! Hit me band! Oww! (Hey, hey) Hit me band! (Yep) From out of nowhere so they came Smellin’ like a dozen cans of wet Magic Shave