Performer PRO PAIN

Three Minutes Hate – Pro-Pain

That our worst Orwellian nightmare cometh, but don’t start running….express your rage that the constitution was maimed by the fourth fucking Reich Oh… that comfort zone you protect must

Live Free (Or Die Trying) – Pro-Pain

why are we fighting? Potential’s never realized, and we’re all denying the accusations of who we are. We’re shunned and branded the most by far. At best our freedoms

The Prisoner – Pro-Pain

Time’s up, set me free I’ll do what I want to whenever Pissin off the powers that be Led a life of death and destruction Bet you’d like to

Down In The Dumps – Pro-Pain

Disgruntled with the thing I see Looking for a future that lies in your hands Is such a bad place to be Educated hippies and psychedelic yups Really gets

Justice Must Be Done – Pro-Pain

Search for place to worship – none found Let the nation seal our fate And seek to build their welfare state So pinch yourself if you don’t believe your

Company Jerk – Pro-Pain

With blood lust, these bitter men, they simply see the world through binary lenses of good vs. evil… us or them. All liberties are taken by this administration… ah…

Burn – Pro-Pain

but rolling as fast as we can we’re searching for some in betweens and answers from only a man who promised to help us to live and begged us

Heads Will Roll – Pro-Pain

for revenge for those that died. That day most agreed we were right to stand up and fight. God willing we’d go get the villain, green lights were given

Leveler – Pro-Pain

War, starvation, disease, are sent by the fed Nineteen Thirteen set the stage, set the scene. Criminal elements, that’s who we’re up against. Lame duck media planted a seed

No Way Out – Pro-Pain

Call me when it’s done Make sure there’s no choice in all matters yet to come Follow me through darkness and trust my evil lead Bring death to those

Un-American – Pro-Pain

Out of our minds Losing our faith, faith in mankidn It’s about us It’s about time!! It’s not what you think It’s not a free state It never once

Lost Horizons – Pro-Pain

All my friends ain’t closely knit. Watch the passers by all day, wishing some would come my way. Hit the bottle after work. Just another hopeless jerk. Find it

Hour Of The Time – Pro-Pain

I left town like a man on mission. Flat broke and betrayed by the system. I gazed out on a brave new world and wiped tears from my eyes.

Pigs in Clover – Pro-Pain

The end game is at hand. Time is now of the essence for us to take a fucking stand. Internationalist fascist pigs owned us from the start. They marched

Gunya Down – Pro-Pain

So catch a ride in the belly or the back of the beast They burned down the church And the preacher had died He was a man of the

Let The Blood Run Through The Streets – Pro-Pain

What is your solution. It’s time to protest, it’s within our rights. Well, we ain’t going down without a mother fucking fight. Cause that’s all we roll. And it’s

Substance – Pro-Pain

Cause were down with the people And that keeps us alive It’s mind over matter – and the beat goes on Respect one another for now and when I’m

Godspeed – Pro-Pain

I want out. Fuck you all, good bye. Such a shame. It’s been real. Hope you all die. Make a break for better days. Watch the world burning below.

Psywar – Pro-Pain

Anonymously bogus sent to you from us here A lethal proposition that you’ll read as you weep While the bombings so relentless to deprive you of sleep The torture

F. O. A. D. – Pro-Pain

Why did you think they would? This revolution starts right here and now And I’m in your neighborhood It wouldn’t serve you well to get the nerve to tell