Learn To Fly – Procol Harum

You and me got a chance to make things right The writing… the writing’s on the wall You and me got a chance to turn things ’round We got

Monsieur R. Monde – Procol Harum

From the kitchen I called “;Who’s that there?”; Through the letter box came a grappling hook Which grappled me right out of my chair! Stretched out on the floor

In Held ‘Twas In I – Procol Harum

Glimpses of Nirvana In the darkness of the night, only occasionally relieved by glimpses of Nirvana as seen through other people’s windows, wallowing in a morass of self-despair made

A Salty Dog – Procol Harum

‘All hands on deck, we’ve run afloat!’ I heard the captain cry ‘Explore the ship, replace the cook: let no one leave alive!’ Across the straits, around the Horn:

Pilgrims Progress – Procol Harum

I sat me down to write a simple story which maybe in the end became a song In trying to find the words which might begin it I found

Salad Days (Are Here Again) – Procol Harum

You come to me at midnight and say, ‘It’s dark in here.’ You know you robbed me of my sight, and light is what I fear I tell you

Mabel – Procol Harum

you know it killed your brother, killed your sister too even fresh fried chicken on new-mown sand can’t beat red beans eaten outa your hand Oh Mabel, Mabel! You

All This And More – Procol Harum

It’s not that I’m so cheerful, though I’ll always raise a smile and if at times my nonsense rhymes then I’ll stand trial My friends are all around me

The Devil Came From Kansas – Procol Harum

The Devil came from Kansas. Where he went to I can’t say Though I teach I’m not a preacher, and I aim to stay that way There’s a monkey

The Pursuit Of Happiness – Procol Harum

One into one won’t go Two out of three don’t know Time and tide in man’s affairs Trouble always comes in pairs Wonder where the picture went? What we

Conquistador – Procol Harum

Conquistador your stallion stands in need of company and like some angel’s haloed brow you reek of purity I see your armour-plated breast has long since lost its sheen

(You Can’t) Turn Back The Page – Procol Harum

I can’t turn back the hands of time When I look around me My thoughts are of the lonely kind Such a game of high stakes We gambled and

T. V. Ceasar – Procol Harum

Holds his court in every house Spied in every crack and corner Watch you eat your TV dinner Creeping in through eyes and ears Finding out your secret fears

As Strong As Samson – Procol Harum

Drivin’ ’em crazy…and stealing ’em blind Bankers and Brokers ruling the world Storing the silver and hoarding the gold Ain’t no use in preachers preaching When they don’t know

The Wreck Of The Hesperus – Procol Harum

We’ll hoist a hand, becalmed upon a troubled sea ‘Make haste to your funeral,’ cries the Valkyrie We’ll hoist a hand or drown amidst this stormy sea ‘Here lies

All Our Dreams Are Sold – Procol Harum

Rings upon your fingers Bells upon your toes Ev’ry day’s a game of chance Ev’ry body knows In the king’s apartment Heavy lies the crown There must be a

Something Following Me – Procol Harum

While standing at the junction on 42nd Street I idly kick a pebble lying near my feet I hear a weird noise, take a look up and down The

One More Time – Procol Harum

So you’re coming back home again Just can’t wait to see you No need to explain A friend of mine told me That you’ve found yourself a new man

Without A Doubt – Procol Harum

Got a great idea: gonna write a sonnet A verse or two of fearless prose A priceless quip to gild the rose I’ll make my fortune overnight My work

The Worm & The Tree – Procol Harum

It wormed its way inwards and soon it did grow The tree was unhappy but what could it do? It stood there in silence: the worm grew and grew