Performer PROFYLE

One Night – Profyle

(Hello) Yeah baby what you doin’? One night is all I need To make, make you, you mine One night is all I need One night, one night One

You Bring The Freak – Profyle

Yeah and this cut Is for all the ladies So get ready to take your clothes off, uh Profyle, uh what, hey Now to all my fellas Rollin around

Every Little Thing – Profyle

Yeah, yea The moment I saw you I knew right then and there That I liked you The moment I saw you I knew I had to get to

Liar – Profyle

After we made plans for a family And you swear you would bare my child All the while you were out running wild With yo’ friends Spendin’ all my

Damn – Profyle

Whoo! Profyle Hmm, kick the Come on I love the way you walk (walk) Wanna hear you talk Something ’bout your thighs Made a nigga rise The way you

I Do – Profyle

But I’m ready (Girl I’m ready to say I do to you) I wanna love you forever (I’m ready to say I do) (I do, I do) Come on

(Can We) M. A. K. E. L. U. V. – Profyle

Can we m-a-k-e l-u-v? Baby girl listen here Got the candles burning The bath water’s running Rose petals are everywhere Spend the night baby I don’t care See we

Addicted – Profyle

Hmm It seems I’m addicted to your love And I can’t contain myself Baby don’t restrict me from your touch Cause I don’t want nobody else I, I can’t

No Trickin’ – Profyle

Yo, yeah, yeah Ha, now what y’all wanna do Ha, yo, Teddy Bishop Profyle Like that, right? You know how it is When you wanna holla at these girls

Whispers In The Dark – Profyle

I hear whispers in the dark, sayin baby don’t u stop Makin love to u but you’re not in my bed, Sexy dreams that stop and start Voices tearin

Too Shady – Profyle

Uh, Cha Cha You bet this broad get it all from a nigga From the car to the figures Even your tour money Honey since last fall

Jiggy Girl – Profyle

too hot Blew up the spot. I knew I had to take you home tonight I gotta admit it, I canЎЇt lie YouЎЇre so sexy, youЎЇre so fly Changed

I Ain’t The One – Profyle

play around with fire and you might get burned you must be insane Think that I’m a hoe playin’ me for easy, sleezy baby you should know That ain’t

I Won’t Cry – Profyle

You came and got things today, I packed your car, I watched you drive away. I cried so many tears that day, It burnt my face, it felt like

Can We Talk – Profyle

Fed up for sure that’s no doubt By the way I’ve been carrying on Should’ve know by now, she’d want me gone Putting up with shit for so damn

Nasty – Profyle

Ooh you so nasty 1 – (Monifah) Why you gotta be so nasty girl (Because you make me horny) (Why you gotta be so nasty boy) Because you