Earthquake Weather – Psycho Realm

Keep your eye on the storm come and get us When the shit goes down we’re all down ’cause we’re fed up At how the system is set up

La Connecta (pt.1) – Psycho Realm

now i’m tired of makin’ all these other mothafuckas money while they sit back and leave it all up to sonny it’s been a long time i’ve worked for

Temporary Insanity – Psycho Realm

‘Cause you’re lost, need guidance, which way to go People are despicable, unpredictable spirits Calling out so all you weak-minded hear it To take control over your mind and

Pico-Union Disctrict – Psycho Realm

Ain’t no love (x4) We’re missing in action living in a time when it’s in fashion To be gun flashing, blasting that’s why we ain’t lasting All fastened, strapped

Moving Through The Streets – Psycho Realm

Got out the industry ’cause the label became my enemy It wasn’t meant to be the machine was just trying to censor me Didn’t do it for Sony so

Psyclones – Psycho Realm

when you see what the fuck is comin’ psyclones all you sorry mothafuckas runnin’ the city has turned to renegades with guns and blades and criminals seeking to get

La Connecta Pt.2 – Psycho Realm

it’s seven and a half sharp this things about to start my whole crew’s being torn apart by a spark of the greed ’cause everybody needs and if you’re

R. U. Experienced – Psycho Realm

now every wicked ordeal regenerates disgrace, emotions ruined intellectuals seduced including nations founded under loose lock evaluate friends, foreigners, enemies concentrate to penetrate, reduce our time, elminate chances to

The Crazy Area – Psycho Realm

Dangerous slums woods lost ‘hoods burnt spots we live in Killing fields death fills Concrete jungles rumbles ill Sick projects swinging steel Real towns around you get killed The

Street Platoons – Psycho Realm

Time is short and my life is sick That’s how it is man look at this shit You get abused by street platoons Hit you like wind and what-cha

Stone Garden – Psycho Realm

This jam right here is dedicated To all you motherfucker that ain’t right here You’re supposed to be right here with me, motherfucker You know what I’m saying? You

Confessions Of A Drug Addict – Psycho Realm

What type of drugs do you do? and what do you do to get your hands on your shit mothafucka huh??!! what kind of dirty tricks you do to

Order Through Chaos – Psycho Realm

Chaos floods the life on these streets Took a wrong turn on burned concrete And now the enemy dies for free Real young guns are kept firing And the

Lost Cities – Psycho Realm

I told the tower of power we can work together But I guess they rather see wars and scars better Street veterans holding enemy bandera And then we’re caught

Sick Dogs – Psycho Realm

Sick dogs collide with your stride Break them off a left and then right Fight all over these streets ‘Till I meet defeat I’m with these Blocks that rock

Showdown – Psycho Realm

clowns and infinite showdowns battle grounds all break downs; world’s upside down Making wicked smiles wicked frowns, we get down with our own gangster sound static kingdoms break you

Bullets – Psycho Realm

Lost dreams of innocence long past Through time memories burn and fade like ash Through the crosswinds through the crosiers Let the bullet strike Through the Teflon and on

Enemy Of The State – Psycho Realm

Out of state soldiers join us to form a conglomerate It’s out of hate oppressed revolt from feeling that they gotta take All the weight so we go to

Show Of Force – Psycho Realm

While they devour with mental prowess and kill ours Show of force for harm it’s main source We divorce our current leaders with no remorse Crash course position the

Love From The Sick Side – Psycho Realm

I’ll send a love letter Straight from my heart, fucker! You know what a love letter is It’s a bullet from a fuckin’ gun, fucker! You receive a love