Performer PULP

Sorted For E’s & Wizz – Pulp

people standing in a field. And I don’t quite understand just what this feeling is. But that’s okay ’cause we’re all sorted out for E’s and wizz. And tell

This Is Hardcore – Pulp

I like your get up if you know what I mean. I want it bad. I want it now. Oh can’t you see I’m ready now. I’ve seen all

I’m A Man – Pulp

I start to wonder what it takes to be a man. Well I learned to drink & I learned to smoke & I learned to tell a dirty joke.

Lipgloss – Pulp

cigarettes. And scraps at the end of the day when he’s given the rest to sommetaeone with long black hair. All those nights in, making such a mess of

Pencil Skirt – Pulp

When you raise your pencil skirt like a veil before my eyes, like the look upon his face as he’s zipping up his flies. Oh I know that you’re

Mis-Shapes – Pulp

we don’t look the same as you, we don’t do the things you do, but we live around here too. Oh really. Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits, we’d like to go

Sylvia – Pulp

Well you look like her to me – the way she wore her hair then. Oh, the way she used to be. I’ve not seen her for a long

Glory Days – Pulp

raise your voice in celebration of the days that we have wasted in the cafe in the station. & learn the meaning of existence in fortnightly instalments. Come share

I Spy – Pulp

world. Oh you didn’t do bad, you made it out, I’m still stuck here oh but I’ll get out. Oh yeah I’ll get out. Can’t you see a walks

Seductive Barry – Pulp

*I don’t know. Oh no, no, no. No I don’t know. No, no, no. No I don’t know. When I close my eyes I can see you lowering yourself

Party Hard – Pulp

I’ve seen you havin’ it, havin’ it yeah but now you’ve just had it. Entertainment can sometimes be hard when the thing that you love is the same thing

Live Bed Show – Pulp

cause it’s changed from something comfortable to something else instead. This bed has seen it all from the first time to the last, the silences of now and the

A Little Soul – Pulp

how come you treat your woman so bad? That’s not the way you do it. No, no, no.. you shouldn’t do it like that. I could show you how

Acrylic Afternoons – Pulp

dungarees who caught his hands in the doors of the Paris metro. Then my face cracked open and you were there, you were there dressed in green, saying something

Dishes – Pulp

I am the man who stays home and does the dishes. & how was your day? Is that woman still trying to do your head in? A man told

She’s A Lady – Pulp

leave it in your car? On a table in a bar? Or in your bed between the sheets? The places where we used to meet. Wherever love has gone

The Fear – Pulp

– the sound of loneliness turned up to ten. A horror soundtrack from a stagnant water-bed & it sounds just like this. This is the sound of someone losing

Common People – Pulp

sculpture at Saint Martin’s College, that’s where I caught her eye. She told me that her Dad was loaded, I said in that case I’ll have a rum and

Disco 2OOO – Pulp

could be sister and brother. Your name is Deborah. Deborah. It never suited ya. Oh they thought that when we grew up we’d get married, never split up. We

Help The Aged – Pulp

one time they were just like you, drinking, smoking cigs and sniffing glue. Help the aged, don’t just put them in a home, can’t have much fun in there