Pungent Stench – Pungent Stench

your own body is his tomb mucus little brat drowned in clothing blood disgusting gastric juice drops out from your mother’s vagina pungent stench of festered gore your pussy

Horny Little Piggy Bank – Pungent Stench

Wasted! That’s what the hell your are A piece of pussy and that makes me sick Money is all that matters in your worthless life Right now you get

Viva La Muerte – Pungent Stench

Don’t fuck with me, baby, I’m gonna kick your butt Your blood will flow when I start to cut I’m a thriller, a chiller, a killer and though like

Happy Re-Birthday – Pungent Stench

Because I am an expectorating blasphemy And I know that my look offends their staring eyes So I run because they will treat me otherwise Digging in the trashcan

Sputter Supper – Pungent Stench

I ask my wife what she’ll cook Sputter supper Sputter supper She smiles to me and answers short “I got our neighbour in my pan” Sputter supper Sputter supper

Treatments Of Pain – Pungent Stench

Thought you could play the tough guy or what You won’t leave this cell until your brain’s doing well And if you don’t obey I’ll teach you… Shut up

Klyster Boogie – Pungent Stench

Uno, dos, tres Klyster boogie Klyster boogie I am addicted to my severe rubber-queen She’s my nurse if you know what I mean You would never believe what she

Hydrocephalus – Pungent Stench

With the eyes so wide apart Transparent skin and veins Hydrocephalus Your sexy smile Every time I talk to you You obey and understand All of my commands Your

In Search Of The Perfect Torture – Pungent Stench

Minimal skinning can be an effective technique Pain will be intense agonising horror Mutilations should always proceed slowly Victim fully conscious of what’s happening Slice through the skin Peel

I’m A Family Man – Pungent Stench

Now I’m just waiting for tomorrow They will make my life a sudden end Death is the punishment for me I feel so lonely here Memories are the only

Shrunken And Mummified Bitch – Pungent Stench

A job and nothing more but take care you fucking whore Shrunken – You would be very nice Mummified – Then I would pay your price Bitches is what

Just Let Me Rot – Pungent Stench

now I’m almost dead and nearly decomposed first there was only this itching under my skin suddenly this vesicular eruption appeared nodular exrescences spread over my face countless harden

Splatterday Night Fever – Pungent Stench

And When He Touched The Dick The Swelling Busted Pus Was Splatting All Over His Face… What A Grace! Bacterial Colonies Caused The Pain And Brought Desease Screaming And

True Life – Pungent Stench

Tits and games are boring me The only show I like to see True life – Reality Rear-end collision in the highway fog This news sounds good to me

Daddy Cruel – Pungent Stench

The Head Of The Family Was Going Insane Daddy’s Loading His Gun And Sticks The Barrel Into The Cunt Of Mom The Bullet’s Boreling Through Her Womb, Her Body

Only Hunger Remains – Pungent Stench

Dark deserted streets Raw are their faces close is their sense of smell Shadows of the past life Marked their facial expressions Forgotten are emotions And only hunger remains

Brain Pan Blues – Pungent Stench

I got one aim this is kill and kill again I was born with pain and pain I give back All I do with people is mangle, scalp and