Come On Come On – Punish Yourself

No burning souls, just fucking lies Don’t expect anything from heaven There is nothing in the sky And when you die you just fucking die Don’t expect anything to

T4 Song – Punish Yourself

I used to think ’bout you Mostly at night Is that a shame am I to blame Cos’ now I see you everywhere Hey lil’ baby Sweet 19 Hey

Mothra Lady – Punish Yourself

her eyes like weapons under neon light she’s like a gun cos’ might is right assault and battery on your helpless anatomy glam-glam bullet, glitter pill aim to please

Shadowsteelplastic – Punish Yourself

Waiting for salvation Gimme a minute And nothing will remain It’s like a drug you know Shadow low low low It’s like a drug you know It’m like a

Dead White Skin – Punish Yourself

manic pressure on your veins so strong a need – a needle so thin it’s calling you, it’s cold, the enemy within And I just feel as cold as

Worms – Punish Yourself

Were crawling since september They try to sneak at night But I know She’ll find some shelter The worms that ate her october, Until that final third of november

Primitive – Punish Yourself

I’m mad about your fantasy You’re turning me into a zombi I wanna be your zombi Well i won’t mess around with girls no more Cos’ by now you’re

Gun – Punish Yourself

(teach me teach me how to shoot) how to stand up straight in my boots (how to stand up straight in my boots) teach me teach me how to

CNN War – Punish Yourself

I saw the white stain I’m gonna fight the fight I’m gonna CNN The chaos new nation over my head I’m gonna bomb the screen i’m gonna see red