At The Abyss – Pyracanda

Time has come – we all know we all know where to go This is the time when a nuke means the end. A million weapons – a million

Soulstrip – Pyracanda

So come on downwhere baby, don’t be afraid right fromm the staart, give me anything you’ve got with each peace you show me I’ll make you feel much better.

Two Sides OF Coin – Pyracanda

From time immemorial it has been there Our free and true and Independent scene it wasn’t to compare with any kind of fashion wave Unaccepted, but free instead From

Montezumas Revenge – Pyracanda

The theme that I will talk about is not sorta house kind It’s not delicious No, you won’t figure it out Won’t have it in your mind But I’m

Top Gun – Pyracanda

The information flies proudly over the crowded place the snow is on, just for you you should feel safe, but fear is shown in your face fireballs, a nightmare’s

The Dragons Cult – Pyracanda

Sleeping in the dust of the morning sun. Lies the mighty giant waiting to get waked He’s alive yeah, his breath, it can be seen from everywhere. Since I

18 Degrees – Pyracanda

Hey, don’t leave me lost inside here! Noone heard the screams behind the doors of steel Like a hermetic bolt – it seems. They lay down the fate of

Rigor Mortis – Pyracanda

You used to slam and thrash around but now you’re lying underground your blood runs cold, your flesh decays you must have wittnessed better days ’cause… Chorus: Rigor mortis

Shut Up! – Pyracanda

You never knew me, you never wanted to know, Oh, who I’m where I go ‘Til the day I stepped out of the crowd thought you were my friend,

Silence Decay – Pyracanda

Sunrise – absurdity of another day Senile decay takes your grin away You had hell of good time you were on cloud nine Retritment’s like darkness to a dying

Democratic Terror – Pyracanda

Evil, of course, turn up the force they’ve got the license to kill streets are in flames, switch off your brains now it’s game over and tilt truncheous and

Challenge Cup – Pyracanda

Looking back now, realize you’re not worth the tears I’ve cries played an evil game with me revenge is my guarantee your body is like Chernobyl infected from many