Song Soulstrip – Pyracanda

So come on downwhere baby, don’t be afraid
right fromm the staart, give me anything you’ve
got with each peace you show me I’ll make
you feel much better.

You feel so alone, alone with
It seems to you, as if someone has left you
on the shelf
Don’t lose your last control and bite
your lips no more
I show you the way, that you’ve been
searchiing for

So come to me and make a clean breast of it all.

You need a soulstrip
You need a soulstrip

You are not alone, I’m as good as my word
So play it cool, that’s what the doctor
Speak out your mind about your sorrows
Don’t caree about the past, look foreward
for tomorrow

So turn your inner life to outward ’cause
I can see that:

You need a soulstrip
You need a soulstrip


move for the girl dem, clap your hands for the girl dem,break your waist for the girl dem
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