Suite Sister Mary – Queensryche

Nikki: “kill mary?” Dr. x: “she’s a risk, and get the priest as well.” 10 p. m., i feel the rain coming down My face feels the wet, my

Sp00l – Queensryche

Turn another turn, sp00l… I think therefore i am, familiar to most? How long did we eat the seed planted by our host? 4 billion years between our ears

Screaming In Digital – Queensryche

the computer word made flesh. We’re one you and I, we’re versions of the same. When you can see what I feel don’t turn your back on me or

Right Side Of My Mind – Queensryche

You’re curious i can see, always looking behind the trees. keeping one eye on tomorrow. Re-engineer your head, is really what the door mouse said. push the lies away.

Take Hold Of The Flame – Queensryche

A world has passed them by To late to save a dream that’s growing cold We realize that fate must hide its face From those who try To see

Breakdown – Queensryche

Holding out as secrets travel, they kind of get to you. Everybody says that it could’ve been something. Never was a smart kid, never knew a good thing. Always

The Thin Line – Queensryche

Another hungry look in her eyes again. Pacing the floor, the hunt begins. Skin-tight leather provides my pleasure. Wake my fear, surge with the pressure. Walk away and leave

En Force – Queensryche

Light tracers follow me farther Into the depths of unknown The blackness surrounding the border of hope We’re alone We plead for the signs of a second chance In

My Global Mind – Queensryche

There№s hunger in Africa, and anger№s on assembly lines. At the touch of a button I№m miles away. I want no connection, just information, and I№m gone. I feel

Promised Land – Queensryche

Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting… for Promised Land. Standing neck deep in life, my ring of brass lay rusting on the

You – Queensryche

No one over the line gets out alive. Pieces of insincerity Are like the stuff upon which we feed. Do i feed you? It goes on and on, this

Wot Kinda Man – Queensryche

Please man, make it all make sense. Gotta be some man to keep a promise, you can count on this. Wot kind of man are you? Tell me, tell

Breaking The Silence – Queensryche

Can i go wearing the black mask of fear? The hate in my eyes always gives me away The tension building slowly Now i lost everything i had in

Bridge – Queensryche

You called me up on the phone today struggling with the right words to say. Time can change a thing or two. Time has changed the lives of me

Deliverance – Queensryche

Ride swift across the plain Don’t you turn back, keep heed in your flame Kings with no mercy, this planet at war Torn from enchantment, this land forevermore Born

Best I Can – Queensryche

A child alone in daddy’s room, the gun was hidden here. No one home to catch me when I fall. A young man now a private chair. I’ve seen

Get A Life – Queensryche

The cheap way you handle things, the slander that you spread. Making misery is the way you spend your time. I think it’s safe to say when it comes

Beside You – Queensryche

Last night i dreamed you were standing there, strong and tall beside me. All my life… behind me. You gently took me by my hand and led me to

Della Brown – Queensryche

You’ve got a cardboard house, live there all the time. Keep your memories tied with string. The gace that many once-adored, twenty years gone maybe more. Somewhere you lost

Damaged – Queensryche

Waiting for the feeling to subside. Paranoid, I melt into myself They say I№m to reach inside and find the broken part of my machinery. Psychoanalyze the chapters on