The Trickster – Radiohead

Rust in the brain The air is sacred here In spite of your claim Up on the the rooftops Out of reach Trickster is meaningless Trickster is weak He’s

Pyramid Song – Radiohead

Black-eyed angels swam with me A moon full of stars and astral cars All the things I used to see All my lovers were there with me All my

Optimistic – Radiohead

Vultures circling the dead Picking up every last crumb The big fish eat the little ones The big fish eat the little ones Not my problem, give me some

Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box – Radiohead

As your life flashed before your eyes You realize I’m a reasonable man Get off, get off, get off my case I’m a reasonable man Get off my

Fitter Happier – Radiohead

Regular exercise at the gym, 3 days a week Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries at ease Eating well, no more microwave dinners and saturated fats A

Anyone Can Play Guitar – Radiohead

Destiny… hold my hand, protect me from the world Here we are, with our running and confusion And I don’t see no confusion anywhere As the world does turn

Subterranean Homesick Alien – Radiohead

I live in a town where you can’t smell a thing You watch your feet for cracks in the pavement Up above aliens hover making home movies for the

2 + 2 = 5 – Radiohead

To put the world to rights I’ll stay home forever Where two and two always makes a five I’ll lay down the tracks Sandbag and hide January has April

Bodysnatchers – Radiohead

Understand What it is I’ve done wrong Full of holes Check for pulse Blink your eyes One for yes Two for no I have no idea what I am

Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) – Radiohead

Tears of Joy Disjointed This is joy We’ll scare ourselves Now Scare ourselves Will scare ourselves Of all that you wanna be Just go paid and now you’re going

Morning Bell – Radiohead

The morning bell Had a null encounter Release me Release me You can keep the furniture A bump on the head Howling down the chimney Release me Release me

Jigsaw Falling Into Place – Radiohead

Just as you write my number down Just as the drinks arrive Just as they play your favourite song As your bad mood disappears No longer wound up like

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

From all the unborn chicken voices in my head What’s that, what’s that When I am king you will be first against the wall With your opinion which is

15 Step – Radiohead

How come I end up where I went wrong? Won’t take my eyes off the ball again You reel me out then you cut the string How come I

Thinking About You – Radiohead

Your eyes are on my wall, your teeth are over there But I’m still no one, and you’re my star What do you care? Been thinking about you, and

Faust Arp – Radiohead

Rise and shine It’s on again off again on again Watch me fall Like dominoes In pretty patterns Fingers in You’re backward, lying I’m tingling tingling tingling It’s what

Palo Alto – Radiohead

It is difficult to concentrate Meet the boss, meet the wife Everybody’s happy Everyone is made for life In a city of the future It is difficult to find

A Wolf At The Door – Radiohead

Dragging out your dead Singing I miss you Snakes and ladders Flip the lid Out pops the cracker Smacks you in the head Knifes you in the neck Kicks

Idioteque – Radiohead

Who’s in a bunker? Women and children first And the children first And the children I’ll laugh until my head comes off I’ll swallow till I burst Until I

Let Down – Radiohead

Starting and then stopping, taking off and landing The emptiest of feelings disappointed people clinging onto bottles and When it comes its so so disappointing Let down and hanging