Performer RAEKWON

All I Got Is You Pt. II – Raekwon

Yo, Straight up y’all Yo Ghost I love you man You know how we do this right here We do this for our family See you soon kid (Verse

Live From New York – Raekwon

Is you watchin Whats on my motherfuckin neck nigga Li-li-live from New York (2x) Live from New York Yo Yo All white bolon The allie pulled on Kept his

Power – Raekwon

Take it off, sho’ ‘nough kid Take it off We gon’ take it from the East to the West to the North to the South Show y’all what it’s

Criminology – Raekwon

“;I told you a long time ago you fuckin little monkey not to FUCK ME.”; “;Hey hey, who the FUCK you think you goin for huh??!”; “;Who the fuck

Real Life – Raekwon

Smash you grilla….. That’s right, that’s right A hundred and ninety-six million nine hundred and forty thousand square miles, on this planet Fresh outta New York Aiyyo, Verse 1:

Robbery (feat. Ice Water Inc.) – Raekwon

Eh yo.. eh yo. Ice Water (yeah yeah) Don’t get it twisted We’ll shoot yo’ ass, nigga Haha (P. C., nigga, P. C.) Y’all mothafuckas got

Forecast – Raekwon

And who I love (that’s what it’s all about though) You understand? First you got to know how to move (the forecast calls for…) Then you got to know

King Of Kings (feat. Havoc) – Raekwon

Let’s go (Yeah, nigga) Good lookin’ Rae that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout (It’s all good don’t worry about it) You feel what I’m sayin’? (Don’t worry about it) Yeah

Clientele Kidd (feat. Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah, Polite) – Raekwon

Yo straight up last minute, you know what time it is Word up, yeah, yeah, yeah Word up, blip blip blap blap blap What up? Who

Verbal Intercourse – Raekwon

Yeah, aiyyo Rae Check it out y’all It’s the science Fly wonderful Yeah y’all Tony Starks and umm Lex Diamonds Tony Starks,

Pop Shit – Raekwon

Keep everything on Blaze always Nigga this only nineteen thousand (yo check this shit out) I want my thousand dollars now I dont give a fuck I went up

Sneakers – Raekwon

I’m not payin 140 for them (size 8 and a half) I’m tellin you I’m only payin 90 (that’s what you keep spendin your money on) Yeah That’s for

Rainy Dayz – Raekwon

Summer’s dream inside Of how I’m gonna get mine I’m thinkin bou-owowow-out so many ways Of how to conquer, these raihahahahahny days… [ I

Jury – Raekwon

Yo, we came long ways but we got on Yo, holdin’ my son’s arm Make it through the industry calm Lord His name Rakim Allah Wid a wavy threw

Casablanca – Raekwon

Stop touching the fucking door man You so fucking paranoid man What’s the matter wit’ you man? It’s like a nigga could write for hours And get real theatrical

Real Ain’t Real (feat. Polite) – Raekwon

Do you know where you going to? Do you like the things that Lex serving you? But Lex’ll murder you A truck Acura, crazy, heavy tuck style, Dutch

Run (Freestyle) – Raekwon

Son! Come on, man Leave them Phillies, man, we out, man, let’s go, man… I skated through the back of the building, hit the steps up Ran up

Fly Shawty Penelope – Raekwon

Yeah, yeah, straight outta jail First time nailing me, realer than the obvious They never said it was gonna be easy Who can y’all put up with? The streets…

Rap Killers – Raekwon

The Vatican, underground academy Jazze Cuts, Skeezo, good looking (Yo, Kay what up, let’s go baby) Nine silver Ferrari’s, hard body Moving through the town, with brown on

Brother’s Keeper (feat. Nas) – Raekwon

I flip the bronze e, watching King Kong in the palm Smoke alotta cheeba, chilling, cuz it’s all about marketing Hold the mic, I’m hogging it, handle the goose