Performer RAMPAGE

Da Night B4 My Shit Drop – Rampage

- Interviewer - Rampage Hi I’m sittin here with Rampage Whose album is comin out tomorrow I feel great *beat kicks in* Yea you look good

Niggaz Iz Bad – Rampage

Simma rhyme, simma love, do these niggas iz bad I was sure to suck a nigga, whose the dick iz bad Yo yo yo yo In ya face,

Talk Of The Town – Rampage

Yeah motherfuckas is talk, bullshit Saddam We hear that, we gotta take these niggas to war I’m wit ya, Flipmode, check it out Fuck the jacks Chorus 4X: Rampage

Conquer Da World – Rampage

It’s like that, It’s like that son Yea, it’s how we do it Chorus 2X: Rampage I’m a Conquer Da World I’m a

Take It To The Streets – Rampage

Verse One: I got chicks in my livin room shakin they asses Flipmode get ya high smokin weed and hash Yo it’s all about fun sex and drugs Makin

We Getz Down (Remix) * – Rampage

Yeah come on, come on, check it out (Rockkkkkkkkkk) This is how we do it (Roll) Yeah come on, everything (Rolllllllllllllllll) Flipmode, Violator (I like…) Check this out (Say

Flipmode Iz Da Squad – Rampage

Drop it Uh, ladies and gentlemen Chorus: Y’all siga siga sing it x6 (Flipmode is da squad) It’s the Ramp auto nigga you’ve been waiting for, the outlaw Throwing

Flipmode Enemy #1 – Rampage

Yo remember we was goin down to the mall To get the juniors with some cheesecake And these crums was in the front You know what I was sayin

Hall Of Fame – Rampage

Uh, check it out No doubt son Flatbush nigga Yes yes y’all It’s that Hall Of Fame joint This how we do it, tell em son Aiyo I

The Set Up – Rampage

Under stress, shot through they’re bullet proof vest Now you wanna be hardcore You were never an outlaw Until you just came off tour Yo you talk a good

Get The Money & Dip – Rampage

Uh, yeah Uh, uh Uh, uh yeah No doubt, uh Ladies and gentlemen It’s the world premiere of the world’s greatest LBS, Rampage the Last Nigga One time, uh

Wild For Da Night – Rampage

It’s Atiya, Richard of Flatbush Speak up The word on the street is the Rampage return Uh Hah, one time, two times, three times (no doubt), four times